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21 мая 2021

InEU is headed by Bolashak graduates!

Akerke Abylaikhan was appointed President, Anastassya Aliyassova is Rector.

19 мая 2021

What will the InEU STEM laboratory look like?

Today representatives of InEU discussed cooperation with "STEM Academia" LLP, Almaty 

19 мая 2021

Round table on the project "Assessment of the impact of the budget of the 4th level on the quality

InEU scientists analyzed the mechanism of formation and use of the level 4 budget 

14 мая 2021


InEU student took 2nd place in the regional competition of students of the agro-industrial complex

11 мая 2021

Quarantine for intellectuals is not a hindrance!

InEU student became the winner of the annual Open International Student Internet Olympiad

06 мая 2021

InEU team is the winner of the Big Ideas Marathon!

The girls presented their startup project - home confectionery - to the competition.

26 апреля 2021

Thanks to the organizers of the Total Dictation in InEU!

Letters of thanks for the help in the organization were received by teachers and students.

24 апреля 2021

Teachers and students of InEU went to the subbotnik

Thank you for your contribution to the improvement of the city!