1991 - Teaching and research Center was created, which provided training of the first 50 region economists for emerging market economy countries.

1994 - Joint Stock Company "Kazahstan-Russian University" was created. Priority task is to save a single educational space with Russian universities.

1995 - "Kazakhstan-Russian University" was reorganized to Economic and Engineering Institute. For the first time in Kazakhstan training in engineering specialities is opened in the private university.

1997 - Pavlodar University was organized consisting of school - luceum, college, training institute, Research Institute, marketing and recruitment center, consulting firm, Centre for Development of the state language.

2002 - Pavlodar University College was excreated in a separate legal entity. Modern hostel foe 150 places was put into operation. The main building of the university opened its doors.

2006 - Pavlodar University was renamed into Innovative University of Eurasia. One university complex unties 5 Academies (Engineering, Education, Management, Health and Culture).

2014 - University provides training in 55 bachelor ar 23 master specialities. Double degree diploma program with foreign universities are realized. Office commercialization technologies is opened together with NATR. Kazakhstan and International grants of conducting researches are realized.

2016 - InEU has 53 undergraduate specialties, 24 magistracies, including a new one - law, and two doctoral specialties. Master of Business Administration (MBA) is also under preparation. All undergraduates are required international internship. Free education in China is available for students who learning Chinese. Last academic year, 142 teachers and students took advantage of academic mobility programs, and this year already 178 people. This year InEU is the only one among private universities in Kazakhstan to enter the top 200 and received a sign of excellence two stars in the ranking of universities in the QS World University Rankings.

2017 - Innovative University of Eurasia received the prestigious title “Leader of the Year 2017” based on the results of a comprehensive independent analysis of the National Business Rating. By decision of the Accreditation Council of the Independent Agency for Accreditation and Rating (NAAR), 11 educational programs in three clusters of the Innovative University of Eurasia are successfully accredited.

2018 - Innovative University of Eurasia (InEU) has become the only private university in Kazakhstan, included in the QS rating of universities in Central Europe and Central Asia. An independent accreditation and rating agency (IAAR) has identified the best universities in Kazakhstan. InEU is the only university from Pavlodar in the top twenty! The General Rating of Kazakhstan - 2018 includes 58 universities, of which 6 are national, 21 state, 7 joint-stock and 24 private educational organizations.

2019 - According to the Independent Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (IQAA), the National (General) rating-2019 of the best universities in Kazakhstan was compiled, based on an analysis of academic statistical indicators, expert estimates and a survey of employers. InEU took 12th place in the ranking.
InEU won a grant from the Science Committee of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan through the World Bank for Development to train employees in English in the amount of 105 million tenge.
The Science Committee of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, within the framework of the project “Promoting Productive Innovation”, announced the winners of the competition for the selection of transfer / technology commercialization offices at universities in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Innovative Eurasian University is among the winners.
InEU was the first to introduce exams using the anonymous "Blind Assessment" method.
InEU won a grant from the Kazakh Embassy in the United States for the implementation of the academic mobility program and joint development of educational programs in the field of IT and business with the American University "Old Dominion".

2020 - Atameken National Chamber of Entrepreneurs, by order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, compiled a rating of educational programs of universities in Kazakhstan. It was based on the results of an analysis of three parameters: the level of employment of graduates, the duration of a job searches and average wage. 14 educational programs of InEU received a high expert rating.
An independent agency for quality assurance in education has compiled a rating of universities in Kazakhstan IQAA-Ranking. Our university took 12th place among the country's multi-disciplinary universities.
The US Embassy announced the launch of the "STEMulation" project based on the Innovative Eurasian University. The project is focused on the development of scientific and technical education in the Pavlodar region.