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Entry Documents

КОД ВУЗА - 146

List of documents for admission:

  • A document on education - certificate or diploma with the application (original);
  • Identity card (copy);
  • A medical certificate form F-086U (fluorography, psych, narco);
  • Certificate with test results;
  • 2 photos 3*4 cm;
  • Paper folder on ties and envelope


  1. documents provided in a foreign language must have a notarized translation into the state or Russian languages ​​and undergo the nostrification procedure;
  2. citizens with disabilities of the first and second groups, children with disabilities and children with disabilities from childhood provide a medical and social examination (ITU) conclusion on the absence of contraindications for training in the chosen specialty.

Additional information: Pavlodar, st. Lomov, 45, room. 115. Tel.: 8 (7182) 67-37-37. E-mail: call@ineu.kz

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