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USA has chosen InEU as the center of STEM education of Pavlodar region!⠀

The US Embassy, ​​together with the Innovative Eurasian University, is launching the STEMulation project focused on the development of scientific and technical education in the Pavlodar region, which is the industrial heart of Kazakhstan.
STEM is a curriculum in four disciplines: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. STEM brings them together into a single learning paradigm based on real-world practice.

- Within the framework of the project, we identified the needs of the industrial sector of the Pavlodar region and the needs of the teaching community. This gives us the opportunity to open a STEM Hub on the basis of the Innovative Eurasian University, - says Anastasia Aliyasova, head of the department of scientific and organizational work and international cooperation of InEU. - University teachers will develop modular courses in chemistry, mathematics, computer science, robotics. We will also teach 100 school teachers of Pavlodar city English and STEM subjects.

The implementation of the "STEMulation" project will create a cluster of STEM education in Pavlodar region, prepare teaching materials and teaching staff, increase the interest of students in the study of engineering and natural sciences based on an integrated learning approach.

Thanks to STEM education, Pavlodar schoolchildren and students will be able to get high-paying professions that are in demand in the near future, and increase their own competitiveness in the labor market.
STEM is a growing education movement around the world. Today it covers not only universities, but also schools and preschool educational institutions. The USA is the leader in STEM directions.

STEMulation is a project sponsored and supported by the US Diplomatic Mission in Kazakhstan.

Work plan for the "STEM" project with the Department of Education of Pavlodar in the period from 2020-2021.

STEM programe

Resume of project participants:

Итоговые работы учителей школ г. Павлодар по Математике, Химии и Информатике в рамках проекта  STEMulation

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