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"Industrialized engineering and design" Department


If for the people the main wealth is health, the main wealth for the soul is knowledge and art. Only with their help do nations find their place in the ranks of civilization. The main task is to give knowledge to youth, teach craft, give them a profession (Akhmet Baitursynov)


The purpose of the department: "Industrial Engineering and Design" - meeting the needs of the individual in obtaining high-quality educational services in accordance with state requirements, modern educational technologies, improving the skills of teaching staff, improving the material and technical base, developing scientific and industrial relations.


Temerbaeva Marina Viktorovna
Head of Department
Тel: 8 (7182) 67-30-57, 67-30-52 (inside 205, 220), +7(777)7869071
Аdress: Pavlodar, st.Lomov 45, building number 1, room. No. 215, 216
E-mail:  kaf_pid@ineu.kz

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