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Student hostel

There functions Student hostel at InEU, where university and college students from low-income families, winners of grants from Pavlodar region akim and from other regions of Kazakhstan live.

Student hostel addresses:

  • Hostel № 2 (M. Gorky st., 102/4)

For students living there all conditions for study and recreation are provided. Students live in comfortable clean rooms.

In the InEU Student Hostel pass system functions. The highest governance body is the Student Council, which decides everything.

There is a recreation room in the student hostel equipped with everything necessary. A sports hall, showers, laundry and kitchen operate there.

Cultural events are held according to the plan of the university and Student Council.

Places in the Student Hostel are provided only to the full-time students for a period of one academic year. 

More information is available at: 
Youth Committee

tel.: +7 (705) 443-94-89  

ул. Ломова, 45, корпус 1, каб. 125