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Master's degree



Deadlines for receiving documents

Submission and acceptance of applications Submission and acceptance of applications

From June 1 to July 15.

From November 1 to November 15.

Complex testing Complex testing

From July 20 to August 10.

From November 18 to December 11.

Admission Admission

until August 28.


Master's degree educational programs

Group of educational programs

Name of educational program (Scientific and pedagogical)

1 specialized discipline

2 specialized discipline

Courses Duration

М001 pedagogy and psychology

7M01101 Pedagogy and psychology



 2 years


М060 Philology

7M02301 Philology

Morphology of the modern Russian language

The history of Russian literature of the first half of the XIX century

 2 years

М070 Economy


7M04101 Economy

Economic theory




2 years

7M04111 Economy

1 year

M071 State and local government


7M04105 State and local government

Theory of Public Administration


State regulation of the economy


2 years

7M04115 State and local government

1 year

M072 Management and government



7M04102 Management



Business organization


2 years

7M04112 Management

1 year

М078 Law


7M04201 Law

Theory of State and Law


Case study (a comprehensive legal analysis of a specific practical situation based on the application of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan


2 years

7M04211 Law

1 year

M094 Information Technology


7M06103 Computer Engineering and Software

Algorithms and data structures


2 years

М097 Chemical Engineering and Processes

7M07103 Chemical technology of inorganic substances

Inorganic chemistry

General chemical technology

2 years

M099 Energy and Electrical Engineering

7M07102 Electric power industry

Theoretical foundations of electrical engineering

Electric cars

2 years

M111 Food production


7M07202 Food Technology

Общая технология пищевых производств


2 years

M117 Metallurgical engineering

7M07201 Metallurgy

Theory of Metallurgical Processes

General metallurgy

2 years

М098 Thermal power engineering

7M07101 Thermal power engineering



2 years

Rules of admission for the master’s degree

Additional information can be obtained by: phone 8 (7182) 67-37-37, 8 (700) 956-98-91  and email:

Testing and admission

Баллы Points

Test types

Form of tasks

Delivery language

Number of tests


Foreign language test

Lexical and grammatical test

English / German / French



Learning Readiness Test

with a choice of one correct answer

Kazakh / Russian



Test for the profile of a group of educational programs

with a choice of one correct answer

Kazakh / Russian



with a choice of one or more correct answers

Kazakh / Russian






Documents for admission Documents for admission
  • Document on higher education (original)
  • Copy of identity card
  • Сopy of marriage certificate, divorce, change of surname (if the diploma is issued to another surname);
  • 2 photos 3x4 cm;
  • A medical certificate form F-086U (fluorography);
  • Certificate of completion of comprehensive testing;
  • Paper case, envelope
  • A copy of the military registration certificate (for men entering the contract form of education).
Trial testing
Payment regulations

* Parallel training with transfer of the same disciplines and obtaining two diplomas is possible.
InEU is the only university in Kazakhstan that trains masters in the field of renewable energy. In 2010, the first graduation of masters in this priority direction of the development of world energy in Kazakhstan was carried out.
Under the programs of double-diploma education and educational exchange programs, students, master’s degree students, doctoral students of InEU undergo training and internship in Russia, Turkey, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Denmark, Holland, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, USA, UK, China.

For further information, please contact: Pavlodar, st. Lomov, 45, building 1, room. 101. Tel .: 8 (7182) 67-37-37, 8 (700) 956-98-91, E-mail: