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Development Strategy:

Ensure quality, in which special attention will be paid to the competencies of students and teachers (knowledge, skills, attitudes), as well as demand for the labor market.

Khamzin Amangeldy Shapievich
Academician, Doctor of Law, Professor
President of the InEU consortium
Head of the Department of Law of InEU
Chairman of the Council of Beys of Pavlodar city and Pavlodar region
Honorary Judge of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Honorary educator of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Honorary citizen of Pavlodar city
Member of the Ethics Council of the Department of Public Service in Pavlodar region
Honorable discharge Judge 

Telephone: 8 (7182) 31-42-47 (internal 101)
Address: Pavlodar, st. M. Gorky 102/4, building number 3, office number 206
Email: kaf_pis@ineu.kz

Scientific school of A.Sh. Khamzin “Theoretical and practical problems of labor law and the law of social security: international and national fundamentals”

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