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ЕМВА, МВА Program

Informational Presentation about InEU's ЕМВА, МВА Program

ЕМВА, МВА is a degree that is in high demand all over the world, including all business structures in Kazakhstan.
Any economy, including our economy is in need of effective managers. The more competent managers we have, the greater efficiency we get from companies, and this is the key to competitiveness of our country.
On the other hand, ambitious young people are often associate the ЕМВА, МВА with hopes for an interesting, promising, prestigious job. This interest in each other - society and the young manager makes such a popular degree of "Master of Business Administration."
The presence of "sign of managerial quality" immediately stands out from the crowd a specialist in any case, provides more opportunities for career advancement. Getting an ЕМВА, МВА degree involves the study of a range of basic disciplines and forms a broad view of the business, which allows to manage any company, regardless in what area it operates. The presence of the ЕМВА, МВА makes a specialist more competitive in the labor market, expanding his choice. ЕМВА, МВА – it is an additional degree of your freedom. Prestigious ЕМВА, МВА degree, which is respected in Kazakhstan and abroad, you can get in Pavlodar.
MBA (Master of Business Administration) - is an academic degree, which is assigned a graduate, received his education in the field of professional management. MBA degree allows you to manage, to see the strategic vision and to achieve your goals. 

You stand in front of big decisions - to devote your free time learning Master of Business Administration (MBA) program. We invite you to acquaint with the information, and we believe that Innovative University of Eurasia – is a school that meets your career goals and helps ensure their implementation. 

Additional information: Pavlodar, st. Lomov, 45, office 127, tel.: 8-701-759-93-42 - Narynbayeva Ayna Serikovna,

e-mail: mba@ineu.kz, narynbaeva@mail.ru

TIME to make a career and open new horizons! See you at the MBA InEU!