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01 марта 2021

March 1 - Thanksgiving Day!

We wish you all good health, peace and prosperity!

26 февраля 2021

HR management for government agencies

InEU offered training of HR-managers of the international level for the state bodies of the region.

25 февраля 2021

A pandemic is not a hindrance to intellectuals!

An intra-university round of the subject student Olympiad was held at the Department of Agriculture

22 февраля 2021

Career guidance in a pandemic continues!

The vocational guidance counselors of the "EaCT" and "IEaD" departments met with school graduates.

19 февраля 2021

Foreign online internship "Modern approaches in economics, management and business: Digital

Undergraduates, doctoral students and teachers of InEU will begin their internship abroad

18 февраля 2021

The first electromechanical mannequins appeared in Pavlodar

A unique project was developed by a student of the Department of Energy, Metallurgy and Information

17 февраля 2021

InEU is a university of champions!

The graduate of InEU won silver at the Eastern European Cup in cross-country skiing.

15 февраля 2021

To the blessed memory of Kazhyken Kabyshevich Kaidarov

Today would mark 82 years since the birth of the first rector of PAU / InEU.