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14 апреля 2021

InEU volunteers - participants of the "Bilim" project

We talked with InEU volunteers and learned more about the project.

11 апреля 2021

Dear Colleagues!

Please accept our sincere congratulations on the Day of Science Workers in Kazakhstan.

09 апреля 2021

InEU provides teachers with free English language courses!

This group completed their studies in March with a 72 hour course.

08 апреля 2021

Congratulations on the award of an academic degree!

According to the order of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation

05 апреля 2021

Vaccination in InEU!

Today, the vaccination of university employees against coronavirus with the Sputnik V vaccine has

02 апреля 2021

Innovations for teaching!

InEU teachers have passed refresher courses on the use of innovative educational technologies in

01 апреля 2021

Vaccination against COVID19

Rector of InEU expressed his opinion on vaccination against coronavirus in the News of the Eurasia

01 апреля 2021

Congratulations on receiving the honorary award!

The teacher of the department "Sports and physical culture" was awarded a letter of thanks from N.