16 марта 2022


It is joyful that today university education is available not only for young people, but also for pensioners. Thanks to such courses, the university allows older generation to make life brighter and more interesting, acquire new knowledge and find new friends.
About 60 people came to the first lessons of digital literacy; it is worth noting that not only beginners were present among the trainees, but also students of the autumn courses. In total, four beginner groups and one continuing group are open.
Everyone knows that a person never stops developing, every year we want to learn more new things, but with age it becomes more difficult to do this – both because of the age characteristics of the body and because of the structure of society. Older people have incomparably fewer opportunities to realize themselves than young people, even if they have the desire and physical ability to lead an active life.
Thanks to our University, today the situation is beginning to change for the better. One of these changes is the lessons of “Digital Literacy”. The course if part of the project “Silver University” conducted by volunteers of our University students of IT specialties Sergey Balaba, Kairzhan Iskairov, Altynbek Tolegenov, Sagyndyk Sarsenbey. It should be noted that the project was developed specifically to improve the quality of life of older and elderly people, and has been operating since September 2021.
“Old age is not a reason to refuse to become an active participant in the online community and a user of computer technology. How to use the Internet safely and register an e-mail, what and where to look for on the portal of public services, how to switch to “you” with a computer and digital services – pensioners will be able to find answers to these and similar questions upon completion of our courses. Let me remind you that participation in the “Silver University” curriculum is free of charge, - said InEU teachers Ifutina Ye. A. and Shokleva L.A.

Lecturer of Faculty of Engineering and Technology Shokleva A.