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16 июня 2020

InEU students know how to win!

New victories of the students of Innovative University of Eurasia.


Student of the department "Sports and Physical Culture" Maria Agapova won the debut fight in the UFC. Her first fight in the popular world promotion took place at the UFC tournament in Las Vegas. The rival of the athlete was the American Hannah Saypers. The fight was completed in the first round, after Maria used a choke technique.


The winner of other competitions was the student of the department "Environment and Chemical Technology" Eleanor Lerich. She showed excellent knowledge in the educational program "Ecology" and received an honorable 3rd place in the XII Republican Subject Student Olympiad. A letter of thanks for the preparation of Eleanor for the Olympics was awarded to the head of the department "Environment and Chemical Technologies" Khamzina Sholpan Shapievna.


3rd-year student of the department "Business and Management" Alexander Patrushev became the owner of a scholarship for the program "SUR PLAC" Fund named after Conrad Adenauer in 2020. The SUR PLAC program promotes the development of talented youth in Kazakhstan. With the help of this program, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation provides support to gifted young people who seek not only to reveal their academic abilities, but also to devote their knowledge, strength and initiative to participating in the political and social life of their country. Under the guidance of Associate Professor of the Department "Business and Management" Bespaly Sergey Vladimirovich, Alexander passed the first stage and successfully completed the interview with Thomas Helm in Pavlodar. In total, 37 contestants from all over Kazakhstan were selected. Patrushev Alexander was among the winners.

Congratulations to our winners, thank you for striving to win and wish you new victories.

InEU Press Service thanks Head of the Department “Sports and Physical Culture” V.V. Sergeeva, Senior Lecturer of the department “Environment and Chemical Technologies” T. Shakenova and associate professor of the department "Business and Management" Bespaly S.V. for the information provided.