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31 октября 2019

«To the gusts of young hearts I call…»

The “wall” of the great Kazakh poet, thinker, public figure Abay Kunanbaev appeared in InEU. In

25 октября 2019

InEU presented "Trust boxes"

Trust boxes for anonymous complaints of harassment, unlawful acts or corruption violations were

24 октября 2019

Binary lesson for students studying the discipline "Inclusive Education"

В последние годы на кафедре "Педагогика и социально-гуманитарные дисциплины" стали популярными

23 октября 2019

Let's continue the ecology lesson!

On October 21st, students of the “Environment and Chemical Technologies” department was on the open

18 октября 2019

Students about Kazakhstan metallurgy

Our students studying in the educational programs “Metallurgy”, “Electric Power” and “Thermal

16 октября 2019

Social Innovation InEU

InEU scientists and students created for people with disabilities became interested in the NUR OTAN

16 октября 2019

World best sellers in Kazakh - to InEU students!

InEU Scientific Library received books - translations into Kazakh of the works of world-famous

13 сентября 2019

InEU invites everyone to the courses "3D printer Assembly"!

The course is taught by Ramazan Magzumov, a young scientist, researcher and inventor, winner of the