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14 июля 2021

Good luck, graduates of InEU!

A solemn ceremony of awarding diplomas to excellent graduates took place. Rector of InEU Anastasia Aliyasova and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of InEU Chingiz Makenov presented them with honors. This year 1175 people graduated from InEU. 133 of them with honors.

Due to quarantine restrictions, mass events have been canceled. Therefore, the majority of InEU graduates will receive diplomas at their departments. A photo zone was organized for them, where you can take a photo in memory of this significant event.

- The region and the whole country are supported by people like you - educated, ready-made specialists. A diploma is your strong wings, thanks to which you can reach incredible heights. We wish you to build a successful career, remain fair and, of course - this is relevant today, health! - Anastasia Aliyasova turned to the graduates.

- I really hope that the knowledge gained will be useful to you in life, in work. The diploma will become your business card, a pass to your work. I wish you to find your calling. As they say, happy is the person who has found his business in this world, because he will not work for a single day in his life, ”Chingiz Makenov gave parting words.

In honor of the 30th anniversary of the university, on behalf of the graduates of 2021, the Committee on Youth Affairs decided to lay a time capsule with a message to the graduates of InEU 2031. You will find out what the message says by watching the video.

Congratulations to all graduates with graduation from the Innovative University of Eurasia! We are waiting for you again within the walls of the alma mater as undergraduates, doctoral students or our colleagues!

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