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27 октября 2020

Play the dombra without leaving your home!

Dear students and teachers!

27 октября 2020

Oratory is the faceting of intelligence!

InEU invites all promising and ambitious people to the webinar "What is debate?", Which will take place on November 3 at 15:00.

26 октября 2020

Free webinars on media literacy!

InEU invites students and high school students of Kazakhstan!

21 октября 2020

For the first time in InEU!

International Entrepreneurship Pilot Program.

20 октября 2020

Dear 1st and 2nd year students of InEU!

You are given a unique opportunity to undergo training in the discipline "Introduction to Entrepreneurship" during the fall semester under the project "Ecosystem of Student Entrepreneurship".

03 октября 2020

Innovative Eurasian University INVITES students - future entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan, Russia and Armenia to the Interstate Online Meetup "Promotion of Online Entrepreneurship"!

We are waiting for students - future entrepreneurs, whose projects are aimed at achieving long-term positive changes in business and society as a whole.

29 сентября 2020


Specialized (program) accreditation of 8 educational programs in the Independent Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (IQAA) will be held at the InEU on 5 and 6 of October, 2020

29 сентября 2020

Dear students!

We invite you to the ZOOM conference "I am a volunteer, or my volunteer experience!"