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15 марта 2021

We invite InEU students to participate in the debates "Nauryz-2021"

The debate tournament will be held in the American parliamentary format.

01 марта 2021

We invite college students and schoolchildren to participate in the Internet Olympiad "Step into the Future - 2021" in the discipline "Informatics"

The winner of the Olympiad with the maximum number of points will receive a grant from the Rector of the Innovative University of Eurasia.

01 марта 2021


Registration of participants in the International Scientific and Practical Conference "Science and Education in the 21st Century: Dynamics of Development in the Eurasian Space" has been extended until March 4,

10 февраля 2021

Students and teachers of the InEU consortium!

We invite you to participate in the annual talent competition "ZHAS TALAP 2021".

10 февраля 2021

Dear students!

Check out the schedule of InEU clubs. Meetings are held at the address: Lomov, 45, office. 102.

08 февраля 2021

Russian historian about the leader of the Alash Orda

Secrets of Kazakhstan history live on @ineuofpage !

28 января 2021

Dear students and teachers!

From February 1 to February 28, 2021, a test access to the KazNUread electronic library system is open to the Innovative Eurasian University.

22 января 2021

We invite teachers of InEU to advanced training courses on the use of innovative educational technologies in the educational process!

Classes will be conducted by 5 certified trainers of the HiEdTec project, a total of 50 university teachers will take part.