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In InEU you can get an education corresponding to the State Standard of the Republic of Kazakhstan with the issuance of a state-recognized diploma, as well as international standards with the issuance of a diploma of universities in Russia, Germany and the USA.

InEU has a system of additional educational services:

1. Training courses for UNT and CTA

2. Language courses:

3. Driving school

4. Advanced training, retraining:

5. Consulting:

6. Short-term and long-term rental of office space, meeting, conference, lecture halls. Provision of space for the placement of automata and multicashes.

7. Registration of theses, degree projects, master's theses or master's projects. 
A qualified specialist will provide you with professional editing, will bring your work in accordance with the requirements for registration. Timing of work is 1-2 days.

8. Editorial and publishing services:

  • binding;
  • printing information products;
  • photo, video.

9. Ad placement in InEU:

  • on the stands of the university;
  • on the websites of InEU, KINEU, EKINEU;
  • in social networks.

10. Organization and support of promotions 

11.  Webmakler InEU

If you don`t find what interests you, we will organize a course on your order. Write to us

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