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14 May 2020

Dear colleagues, students!


Atameken National Chamber of Entrepreneurs, by order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, compiled a rating of educational programs of universities in Kazakhstan It was based on the results of an analysis of three parameters: the level of employment of graduates, the duration of a job searches and average wage. The analysis also took into account the expert assessment of educational programs and the achievements of university graduates.

Our university was represented by 22 educational programs, of which 14 received a high expert rating.

So, 10 of our educational programs are among the top ten most demanded in the domestic labor market. Mostly these are engineering programs:

• Standardization and certification: 4th place among 24 universities.
• Technological machines and equipment: 5th place among 18 universities
• Food technology: 5th among 11 universities.
• Power: 6th place among 28 universities.
• Technology of livestock production products: 7th place among 11 universities.
• Metallurgy: 7th place among 10 universities.
• Chemical technology of inorganic substances: 7th place among 9 universities.
• Heat power: 10th place among 13 universities.

I especially want to note our Design program, which took 1st place among 35 universities in Kazakhstan. The program “Journalism” has a good position; it has been assigned 9th place among 23 universities.

14 of our programs, including those already mentioned, were highly rated under the criterion “Duration of job search”. According to the Atameken rating, from 70% to 93% of our university graduates were employed within the first three months after receiving the InEU diploma:

• Standardization and certification - 93.33%
• Technological machines and equipment - 90%
• Power industry - 86.67%
• Psychology - 84.6%
• Design - 83.33%
• Heat power - 83.33%
• Chemical technology of inorganic substances - 83.33%
• Food technology - 83.33%
• Foreign language: two foreign languages ​​- 82%
• Construction - 81.82%
• Journalism - 81.25%
• Metallurgy - 78.95%
• Finance - 78.79%
• Technology of livestock production products - 75%
• Engineering - 70%
• Computing equipment and software - 70%.

Close to these values ​​are indicators of employment of graduates of the educational programs “Veterinary Sanitation” (69%) and “Accounting and Auditing” (68%). While maintaining the growth trend, these programs will also be able to occupy leading positions in the Atameken rating.

I believe that the results obtained testify to the good preparation of our graduates and the recognition of the InEU diploma in the employer community. In this regard, I express my gratitude to the teachers involved in the implementation of these educational programs. I am sure that we will not stop there and will continue to strengthen the position of the Innovative University of Eurasia in the external environment.

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Rector of InEU, Professor B.A. Jetpisbaeva