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13 мая 2020

Results of the exhibition "Art Portal in InEU"

Today they talk a lot about how people cope with self-isolation in a pandemic. It seems to me that creativity is that factor of self-preservation, pleasure and comfort that we have the opportunity to feel in quarantine. Even if the artists did not do these works today or even in recent months, this exhibition is a kind of gift to people in every home! This is an amazing opportunity to enjoy art in all its diversity, because the exhibitors presented us with a whole range of creative opportunities from academic drawing to monumental sculpture.

Watercolor is always remembered as one of the most complex painting techniques. That is why so few works in this technique usually happens at exhibitions. Our exhibition was lucky, watercolor was presented immediately by three artists. These are amazing, romantic sketches by Dmitry Makovsky, light, fresh flowers by Tatyana Chevtaeva and plein air sketches by Yulia Mazina.

Academic drawing is a vivid demonstration of the artist's professional skills. It was in this style that Daria Zhelamskaya presented her works with brilliance.
The entire spectrum of genres is shown at the exhibition by artists using the technique of oil painting. From academic still lifes and landscapes to complex plot compositions.

Brilliant still lifes of the artist from Novosibirsk Lyudmila Dirksen. Her still life with chrysanthemums breathes with all the colors of the passing summer and makes her immerse herself in the everyday details that were painted with skill in the picture. In the works of Oksana Sidorenko there is also history, the spiritual world, special contemplation and pacification.

The skill of the artist - the “composer”, is probably the aerobatics of painting, and here, of course, the works of Natalia Litvinova stand out - this is both a close, earthly and cosmic world, understandable and shrouded in the artist’s secret fantasy. The same opening for our exhibition was the work of Angelica Musinskaya. A bit naive, dreamlike fantasies, immersing the viewer in the study of the canvas, in the search for details. The picture is like a rebus, which is interesting to solve.

Photos became special at this exhibition. Artists not only see the beauty of the world, but also know how to present it in their own way, sensitively, fragmentarily, surprisingly subtly, making us admire things that are daily, but beautiful. Here I would like to highlight the photographs of Elena Brizh, Oleg Krasilnikov, Alexei Mehedov, Alexander Abramenko.

Decorative arts and crafts are the most emotional element of any exhibition. Beauty, grace and love for the material is visible in every work. Ilya Lesnikov, Nadezhda Volkova, Elena Yuminova, Bayan Kainysheva exhibited brilliant work of art at the exhibition at InEU. An absolutely amazing world, immersed in the culture of the north, with a special ornamental content was presented at the exhibition by artist Ekaterina Rubanovich.

I want to say about the skill of young artists who presented their work on their own for the first time. These are students of InEU and college students of Pavlodar. Of course, the future of Pavlodar’s art is in good hands. Already today, the exhibition presents works made with an understanding of the material, the composition of a deep and careful immersion in the context. They testify to the depth of intelligence and author's understanding of the world. Particularly memorable were the projects of InEU design students under the guidance of Nadezhda Valerievna Volkova. Projects, models, ceramics - the works not only talk about the types of design creativity, but also immerse themselves in the intricacies of mastering the profession, which is especially interesting for those who are just going to enter this difficult specialty. Among the student works, the projects of Ignat Chechevatkin, Milana Lutsyk, Elena Brig, Nikita Gubarenko and others were especially remembered.

I would like to name college students Nikolai Popov, Vitaly Voronov, Aziz Imankulov, Zhanel Abdykhayeva, Elizaveta Sergeeva, Veronika Stepanova and many others whose work became the decoration and heritage of our online exhibition. The head Elena Ivanovna Yuminova presented more than a hundred works of her students and many of them could confidently present their work as independent artists.

Student work opens up new types of creativity, such as a photo collage, an illustration created in computer programs, anime. This is a relatively new kind of creativity, but the undoubted potential and mastery of graphic programs are visible in the works presented. Participants of the exhibition Alexandra Butorina, Vaselina Lysikova, Nikita Polovinko, Ivan Lepp can become ideologists of the new information art in Pavlodar.

I cannot but touch on the smallest participants - students of art schools and children's academies of art, whose work is always sincere, surprisingly emotional, interesting in content. They always bring a sea of ​​joy to the viewer. Of course, inside lies the tremendous work of teachers and leaders. This huge work deserves respect and admiration! The exhibition presented the works of their students Lyudmila Georgievna Dirksen (Novosibirsk), Tatyana Vladimirovna Pavlenko and Galina Yurievna Maksimova.

Summing up, I want to say that the exhibition presents more than four hundred works, 45 participants and 21 students of art schools, among them artists from Ekibastuz, Novosibirsk, Kirov, Almaty, Barcelona. All of them are somehow connected with the Innovative Eurasian University. And we are glad that this connection is not interrupted due to the possibilities of remote interaction!

Thank you all very much for participating in the exhibition! For the joy that you have presented with all your creativity.
Art portal InEU is always open for new creative events!


InEU Press Service
Author: Julia Ilyinichna Mazina
Associate Professor at the Industrial
engineering and design»
Ph.D. in History of Arts