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29 декабря 2019

The most objective assessment!

An experiment at InEU - for the first time, students pass exams using the anonymous, “blind” assessment method. 

University programmers have created a special computer program tied to the Internet. With its help, students respond in writing to exam questions, and teachers remotely evaluate answers without knowing their authors. The names of students are hidden from teachers, so grades become more objective, and corruption risks are reduced. The paperwork has completely disappeared.

Law students were the first to test the innovation. Examinations were held in computer classes.

“This year we introduced a new discipline -“ Fundamentals of an anti-corruption culture, ”says Gainikamal Seitova, senior lecturer at the Law department. - Accordingly, we are now introducing students of all specialties into the concept of corruption, telling them about responsibility for violations of anti-corruption legislation. Now students are taking an exam in the discipline "Fundamentals of an anti-corruption culture." There, case studies were prepared for these students. In these tasks there are specifically posed questions that they must answer by referring to the current legislation. The blind assessment method in the exams of the current session is a good tool for implementing the anti-corruption policy that the government is pursuing.

The first InEU student to pass the anonymous assessment exam was the third-year student Elizabeth Wagner from the U-302 group:

“We used to take exams in the form of testing, where it was forbidden to use codes,” she shares her impressions. - This form of exams is different in that it is possible to use codes in electronic format. It's comfortable. Because you can safely enter in the search and quickly find and apply this or that article. In this form of passing exams, we are given the opportunity to attach a document in Word format, or we can enter our answer in the test version itself.

The convenience of innovation was also appreciated by teachers. If earlier it took hours to evaluate oral examination papers of large groups of students, now things have gone much faster. Moreover, the student sees in his personal account an assessment immediately, immediately after checking the work. Here's what Sergei Bespaly, associate professor of the Department of Business and Management, thinks about it:

- This innovation is very good, because we can evaluate not only while at our workplace, but also through our personal account while at home, while in the library, while in the coworking center. That is, from any point we can evaluate this or that exam. If the examiner is in one building, and the examiner is in another - this can also be done. The teacher does not see the student, and this reduces the corruption and personality patterns, moments that affect the teacher. The assessment is set objectively, taking into account the answer that the student provided based on the knowledge gained during training.

Fedor Kovalev, SMM-manager of InEU