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06 November 2020

Entrepreneurial school "BigIdeasCamp" - for the daring and self-confident!

Students of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th courses of the university and colleges, who are residents of the ERG project "Student Entrepreneurship Ecosystem", are invited to participate.

At BigIdeasCamp, participants have 25 hours of intensive work, training, and sit-and-do guest meetings. Work with mentors and hands-on sessions will be held from December to February as part of the BigIdeasMarathon startup launch marathon.

The speakers and invited guests of BigIdeasCamp will be practitioners, business coaches, active entrepreneurs and businessmen.

Registration of participants on the site: http://bit.ly/bigideacampreg


The entrepreneurial school "BigIdeasCamp" was organized within the framework of the "Ecosystem of Student Entrepreneurship" project, which aims to transform classic regional educational institutions into entrepreneurial ones, develop an entrepreneurial community in the region, and develop entrepreneurial skills among young people.

BigIdeasCamp – it is an opportunity to upgrade yourself, get tools and ready-made checklists for creating your own startup, product or project.

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(according to the website of the project "Ecosystem of student entrepreneurship")