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19 мая 2021

What will the InEU STEM laboratory look like?

Today representatives of InEU discussed cooperation with "STEM Academia" LLP, Almaty - the main promoter of STEM education and a supplier of training equipment in Kazakhstan.


STEM is an additional education for high school and college students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics to attract them to technical specialties.InEU won a grant from the US Embassy for the organization of STEM education in Pavlodar region.A modern STEM laboratory is being created at the university, where school teachers from the entire region and students of the InEU Consortium will study.

Director of STEM Academia Magzhan Kistaubaev spoke about the services and achievements of his company. STEM Academia @stem_academia is an international research and production center that creates and implements innovations in the field of education. Delivers ready-made STEM classrooms, complete with the latest teaching equipment. These are robotics kits, simulators with virtual and augmented reality, 3D printers, laser and numerical control lathes, software, video tutorials on exact sciences, mechatronics, programming and much more. Similar classes already exist in many schools and universities in Kazakhstan and Russia. For InEU, a special solution will be prepared, focused on the training of specialists in demand in our industrial region.



Magzhan Kistaubaev is co-founder and director of STEM Academia LLP, Almaty. He graduated from the State University of Pennsylvania, USA, majoring in Nuclear Engineering.He studied at the Faculty of Mathematics at the University of Leeds, UK. He graduated from Nazarbayev University - Master of Science in Physics.He published an article on the measurements of gamma-ray bursts in the journal of the Association of Astronomers, USA. He defended his dissertation under the guidance of Nobel Prize Laureate George Smoot, University of Berkeley, USA.

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