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Scientific Research

The main objectives of the Department of Scientific and Organizational Work are:

  • organization and coordination of research and development (R & D) carried according to the approved strategic development plan of Innovative University of Eurasia (InEU)
  • assist in the implementation of innovative projects of teachers, students, undergraduates, and doctors of InEU;
  • integration of scientific, technical and educational activities, incorporating various forms of participation from teachers, undergraduates, and doctoral students of InEU and of other universities (foreign collaboration encouraged), in the R&D projects carried out by departments of InEU;
  • assist in the development of new technology, new scientific and educational techniques and methodologies, additionally offering advisory services in these areas;
  • implementation of R & D conducted in InEU, both through production and the educational process;
  • encouraging the involvement of teachers, trainees and researchers, doctoral and postgraduate students of InEU in R&D;
  • assisting teachers, students, undergraduates and doctors of InEU to prepare documents submitted to competitions for research projects to obtain grants, fellowships and awards;
  • assist in providing legal protection for intellectual property created in the InEU;
  • organization of scientific conferences and workshops according to the strategic strategic development plan of InEU.
  • participation in research and innovation activities with the goal of improving the image of InEU.