» » Happy anniversary, Naum Grigorievich!
13 января 2021

Happy anniversary, Naum Grigorievich!

The management and staff of the scientific and educational consortium "Innovative Eurasian University" congratulate the oldest employee, professor of the Department of Languages, Literature and Journalism Naum Grigorievich Shafer (Nakhman Gershevich Shafer) on his anniversary!

Your path in life deserves sincere respect and admiration. During your work at the university, you have gained a reputation as a talented, competent, responsible person, a teacher with a capital letter, a unique interlocutor. The knowledge gained by students in communication with you is invaluable.
By the decision of the InEU Academic Council of December 30, 2020, you, Naum Grigorievich, were awarded the title of Honorary Professor of InEU. Thank you for your contribution to the development of the Innovative Eurasian University.

We wish you good health, prosperity, grateful students, listeners and admirers, inexhaustible strength in your work and long, happy years of life!