» » Happy anniversary, Svetlana Nikolaevna!
13 июня 2020

Happy anniversary, Svetlana Nikolaevna!

Dear Svetlana Nikolaevna Sharaya! The staff of the Innovative University of Eurasia wholeheartedly congratulates you on your anniversary!

Your many-sided activity, high creative potential, selfless work, professionalism, selfless service to science arouse admiration and deep appreciation among the colleagues and employees of InEU. Your human qualities, such as a sensitive and cordial attitude towards people, responsiveness and integrity, are worthy of deep respect. The success of your students confirms your high reputation in the professional community.

We sincerely wish you good health, well-being, fulfillment of your plans, positive emotions, optimism and confidence in the future, so that your loved ones, friends and students are always there.

May every day of your life be bright, every undertaking successful.

InEU staff