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» » Take part in the «INSPACE INEU» startup project contest!
01 ноября 2019

Take part in the «INSPACE INEU» startup project contest!

«InSpace InEU» - a competition of business ideas and startup projects with the introduction of a prototype and presentations.

Participants in teams of 3 to 5 people, formed during the work of a startup, send an application to participate in the competition on a specified date. At the competition, each team must show a presentation (video at will) for 7 minutes and a prototype of business idea.


Venue: InEU, Lomov Street,  45, building 1, assembly hall, 14.00


Participants: students in grades 9-11, college students.


Date of the competition: November 22, 2019


Deadline for application submission - November 15, 2019


Application form: see Appendix 1.


13.30-14.00 - Registration of participants, collection of presentations and videos

14.00-16.00 - Welcoming speech, competition

16.00-17.00 - Summing up and rewarding the winners


Presentation requirements: no more than 7 slides: title page, value proposition, project team, prototype, customers and the market, income and expenses structure, monetization and project prospects.


The jury reviews the presentations and prototypes presented by startup teams and evaluates them. Points are set on a 5-point system, for the presentation - the maximum amount is 20 points and 5 points for the presence of the prototype.



- for the presentation of a 2-minute video about the competition in InEU and the business idea, the jury adds +2 points to the overall rating;

- for posting on your own Instagram pages about participating in the “INSPACE INEU” contest with hashtags # InEU #ineuofpage # startup #EcoSystemERG +3 points to the overall rating.


  1. Tell about your startup and unique value proposition, present a prototype (minimally viable product) and a team;
  2. Tell about customers (promotion and sale channels);
  3. Tell about the structure of expenses and income;
  4. Tall about project plans and indicators of achievement of these plans.


Winners will receive valuable gifts and opportunities in promoting projects together with the InEU team!


Applications are sent to the email address: zhan-salta@mail.ru,

Zhanuzakova Saltanat Kabidollakyzy.