Youth Organizations

Committee on Youth Affairs of the Innovative University of Eurasia.

The chair for the Committee on Youth Affairs is Nazerke Oralbaeva.

In accordance with the State Youth Policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Committee on Youth Affairs was established at the Innovative University of Eurasia. The Committee is a structural unit of the University, functioning on a voluntary basis.

The main аfunctions of the Committee are:

  • Coordination of student social organizations;
  • Introduction of modern forms of student government to the academy faculties and for the student body;
  • Organization of social, political and cultural events among students there by ensuring the unity of academic and educational processes;
  • Developing systems to solve social problems present in youth;
  • Establishing contact with the executive bodies and fostering cooperation;
  • Hosting debates and discussions on various topics.

The main objectives of the Committee on Youth Affairs are:

  • To activate students;
  • To support student initiatives;
  • To cultivate patriotism;
  • To form civic consciousness;
  • To promote individual self-actualization of students.

In the structure of the Committee on Youth Affairs there are four sectors:
The Scientific Sector is directly involved in the study and analysis of the academic process (attendance, academic progress and behavior of students), conflict resolution, organization of workshops, organizing seminars on current issues, and it also conducts discussions. The Committee on Youth Affairs similar to a student dean’s office.
The Cultural Sector organizes student activities taking place at the university, initiating and overseeing the initiatives among students.
The Creative Department is engaged in advertising, producing videos, photos, design and implementation of their ideas at any level.
The Department of Culture is an active group of students. Student projects include
intellectual Olympiads, debate and discussion club, etc. The activities of the department center on developing ways to strengthen the implementation of their ideas at any level.

Members of the Committee on Youth Affairs:

  1. Uasilova Azhar
  2. Asylkhan Akbota
  3. Shamataeva Dinara
  4. Asylkanova Maryam
  5. Kasymova Zaira
  6. Andasova Azhar
  7. Rysbekova Botagoz
  8. Zhunusbekova Aktoty
  9. Alpysbaeva Adiya
  10. Begasilova Nurgiza
  11. Makisheva Camila
  12. Atabaeva Gulzira
  13. Zhumatova Balkiya
  14. Nursagatova Galia
  15. Musin Rustem
  16. Nurtaev Chinghis
  17. Erlan Alzhan

Dear Students of Innovative University of Eurasia! In our university there are many interesting and useful opportunities ahead. We have been granted the opportunity to take initiative and realize our dreams. To express your dreams and opinions in a meaningful manner. Do not waste this great chance to have a voice! Join us and become active leaders in the community! We are waiting for you!

Contact us at: M.Gorkey Street, 102/4, Room 12.