International Cooperation

Management on corporate affairs and the international cooperation of InEU carries out the following main missions:

  • Realization of the state and corporate policy on development of the international cooperation in the field of science and education;
  • development of the international cooperation of University with foreign educational institutions, scientific centers and other organizations, directed on an exchange of experience and implementation of modern research, educational and other programs;
  • motivation increase for expansion of participation of employees and students of University in the international programs of scientific researches, training and training abroad which sources of financing are a grant of the President of RK "Bolashak", grants of foreign universities, the international funds and the organizations, etc.;
  • attraction of means of the international charity foundations and the donor organizations to financing of research, educational and other activity of INEU, assistance to development and strengthening of educational and methodical and material base of universities;
  • Involvement of foreign students for training at University;
  • Assistance to development of corporate affairs of University;
  • ensuring functioning on the basis of university of Association "Open Regional University", "Association of Graduates", the Boards of trustees and other bodies which activity is directed on University consolidation with regional and international partners;

In management work specialists in the following directions: English, German and Chinese languages. They will share with you information on training programs with pleasure, participation conditions, criteria, will help to fill in documents and to send your efforts to the correct course.