Code Title 1st profile-subject 2ed profile-subject
1. 5V010200 Pedagogy and methodology of primary education Biology  Geography
2. 5V010300 Pedagogy and Psychology Biology  Geography
3. 5V010800 Physical Culture and Sports Creative exam  Creative exam
4. 5V010900 Mathematics Mathematics  Physics
5. 5V011200 Chemistry Chemistry  Biology
6. 5V011100 Informatics Mathematics  Physics
7. 5V011300 Biology Biology  Chemistry
8. 5В012000 Professional education Mathematics  Physics
9. 5V011600 Geography Biology  Geography
10. 5V011700 Kazakh language and literature Language of education and literature  History
11. 5V011800 Russian Language and Literature Language of education and literature  History
12. 5V011900 Foreign language: two foreign languages *(English, German, Chinese) Foreign language  History
13. 5V020300 History History  Geography
14. 5V020500 Philology: (Kazakh) Kazakh language and literature  History
15. 5V020500 Philology (Russian) Russian language and literature  History
16. 5V020700 Translation Studies (English, German) Foreign language  History
17. 5V030100 Law History  Human.Society.Law.
18. 5V042000 Architecture Creative exam  Creative exam
19. 5V042100 Design Creative exam  Creative exam
20. 5V050300 Psychology Biology  Geography
21. 5V050400 Journalism Creative exam  Creative exam
22. 5V050600 Economics Mathematics  Geography
23. 5V050700 Management Mathematics  Geography
24. 5B050800 Accounting and Auditing Mathematics  Geography
25. 5V050900 Finance Mathematics  Geography
26. 5V051000 State and local government Mathematics  Geography
27. 5V060100 Mathematics Mathematics  Physics
28. 5V060200 Informatics Mathematics  Physics
29. 5V060400 Physics Mathematics  Physics
30. 5V060600 Chemistry Mathematics  Physics
31. 5V060700 Biology Biology  Chemistry
32. 5V060900 Geography Geography  Mathematics
33. 5V070100 Biotechnology Biology  Chemistry
34. 5V070300 Information Systems Mathematics  Physics
35. 5V070400 Computers and software Mathematics  Physics
36. 5V070900 Metallurgy Mathematics  Physics
37. 5V071200 Mechanical engineering Mathematics  Physics
38. 5V071700 Heat power engineering Mathematics  Physics
39. 5V071800 Electrical power engineering Mathematics  Physics
40. 5V072000 Chemical technology of inorganic substances Chemistry  Physics
41. 5V072100 Chemical technology of organic substances Chemistry  Physics
42. 5V072400 Technological machines and equipment (by industry) Mathematics  Physics
43. 5V072700 Technology of food products Biology  Chemistry
44. 5V072900 Construction Mathematics  Physics
45. 5V073200 Standardization and certification (on branches) Mathematics  Physics
46. 5V080200 Technology of production of livestock products Biology  Chemistry
47. 5V090100 Organization of Transportation, Traffic and Transport operation Mathematics  Geography
48. 5V120200 Veterinary Sanitation Biology  Chemistry
49. 5V073100 Life Safety and Environmental Protection Mathematics  Physics
50. 5V060800 Ecology Biology  Geography

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