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15 июля 2020

Procedure of the award of the grant


applying for the service: awarding educational grants, as well as
providing social support to students in higher education organizations

State educational grants are awarded on a competitive basis.
The deadline for submission of documents is from July 13 to 20.
To participate in the competition for schoolchildren, you must score at least 50 points, including at least 5 points for each subject.

The list of documents for participation in the competition for the award of state educational grants:

  • certificate of education (original);
  • certificate of UNT or KTA;
  • 2 photographs in size 3 * 4;
  • medical certificate in the form 086-U;
  • identity card (copy)

With the competition for educational grants preferential right are for:

  • persons awarded "Altyn belgi";
  • persons having educational qualifications of autonomous educational organizations;
  • winners of international contests and competitions of science projects (scientific competition) in general subjects (those who have the first, second and third degree), national and international contests and sports competitions (awarded first, second and third degree) of the last three years, this list is determined by authorized body in the field of education, as well as winner of the presidential, national competitions and contests of research projects in general subjects (those who have the first, second and third degree) of the current year in the condition of correspondence of chosen specialty and the subject of Olympiads, competitions and sporting events.

Quota competition:

  • Competition for the Kazakhs who are not citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the disabled of I and II groups, disabled children, children with disabilities, orphans and children left without parental care, persons related to benefits of Great War participants and invalids, is based on confirmed quota of the total order of these categories.
  • Approved quota of admission for persons participated in the competition for the educational grant, are spread on all the declared specialty.
  • Competition for specialties, with quota for citizen from aul (rural) youth, is held were as following: 70 percent of grants for these specialties and language of teaching from the total amount is awarded through a general competition, and for the remaining 30 percent of the grants competition is held only citizens from the aul (rural) youth.


  • grant Akimov cities and districts;
  • for the promising and talented - grants from foreign entrepreneurs and employers in the region;
  • for gifted ones - grants from InEU and members of the board of trustees.

Additional information: Pavlodar, st. Lomov 45, building 1, room. 115. Tel .: 8 (7182) 67-37-37 call@ineu.kz