The Board of Directorsis the highest governing body of the University reporting directly to the University's founders. Their primary functionis developing and implementing strategic plans in the areas of university development, monitoring university activities as a whole, supervision of structural subdivisions, and implementing remedial measures as needed.

The Board of Trustees of InEU is a public body of collective leadership, it cooperates with the Rectorate, local executive authorities and other organizations. Discharge of the functions of the members of Board of Guardians is implemented on a non-repayable basis. The Board of Guardians was established by the instigation of the founders of the Innovative University of Eurasia.

Primary goals and tasks of the Board of Trustees are:

  • facilitating the implementation of statutory functions of educational institution;
  • arranging satisfactory conditions for students and teaching staff of the educational institution for the purpose of successfully completing curriculum goals;
  • providing financial support, enhancing material and technical resources of the educational institution;
  • assisting the further development of the educational institution.

The objectives of the Rectorate are:

  • implementation of operative management tasks for University activities;
  • development of prospective goals and executing current plans regarding various questions on University activities;
  • insuring the University's progress is in accordance with the mission statement and plan for strategic development.