Ph.D. Program

Code Title
1. 6D 070100 Biotechnology
2. 6D 050600 Economy
3. 6D 030100


The PhD doctorate on a competitive basis in the framework of the state order accepts persons with an academic degree of "master", graduated from the magistracy in scientific and pedagogical direction, having scientific achievements (scientific publications, reports and speeches at international and republican scientific conferences, etc.).

The training of scientific and pedagogical personnel is carried out in doctoral studies with the award of the degree of doctor PhD with a term of at least three years of study.

The educational program for the preparation of a PhD in the specialty 6D030100 “Jurisprudence” has a scientific and pedagogical orientation and involves fundamental educational, methodological and research training and in-depth study of disciplines in relevant areas of science for the system of higher and postgraduate education and science.

The purpose of the educational program:

  • to form students' systemic knowledge and critical assessment of modern state and legal problems studied and discussed within the framework of various areas of jurisprudence;
  • to form students' comprehensive understanding of the scientific methods and skills of applying these methods for studying state and legal problems;
  • to form students' ability to carry out independent scientific research and competence in formulating their own conclusions on various branches of law.

Objectives of the educational program:

  • to form students' high-level skills to work with primary and secondary sources, with particular attention to the ability to analyze the content of normative legal acts, the ability to highlight problematic aspects in the practice of these acts;
  • to form the ability to competently choose and apply various methodological approaches to the study of legal problems based on the consideration of national and foreign legislation;
  • to form the ability to contribute to the development of new areas of legal science through original scientific research;
  • to form the ability to develop, conceptualize and implement legal projects to create new knowledge of substantial scientific importance to the legal system of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

All the conditions and incentives for creative, research work are created in the Innovative University of Eurasia.

During the period of doctoral studies in the specialty 6D030100 "Jurisprudence", foreign internships, training sessions and consultations with renowned foreign scientists and professors are provided.

The main features of PhD doctoral studies are:

  • Ensuring an optimal balance between learning and research;
  • Obtaining broad scientific, educational and methodological training;
  • Ensuring the academic mobility of teachers and researchers in the country.

Doctoral PhDs, while studying for doctoral studies, are sent to the leading foreign organizations of education and science for a scientific internship under the guidance of a foreign scientific consultant.

The scientific competence of the educational program is formed from the research / experimental-research work of a doctoral candidate, scientific publications and writing a doctoral dissertation.

Doctoral research should:

  • comply with the main issues of the specialty for which doctoral dissertation is defended;
  • be relevant, contain scientific novelty and practical significance;
  • be based on modern theoretical, methodological and technological achievements of science and practice;
  • be based on modern methods of processing and interpreting data using computer technologies;
  • performed using modern research methods;
  • contain research (methodical, practical) sections on the main protected provisions.

InEU has a material and technical base (classroom fund, computer labs) that meets current sanitary and technical standards and ensures all types of theoretical and practical training provided by the curriculum, as well as the effective implementation of research / experimental research.

The educational, methodological and informational support of the educational process guarantees doctoral students the opportunity to master the doctoral education program. The implementation of the educational program is provided with free access to international information networks, electronic databases, library collections, computer technologies, educational and methodical and scientific literature.

Acceptance of applications to the doctoral program of the Innovative Eurasian University is held from 3 to 25 July.

Entrance examinations are held from 8 to 16 August, enrollment - until August 28.

Doctoral studies are carried out on the basis of the state educational order and on a fee basis.

The doctoral program accepts persons with a master's degree and work experience of at least 3 years.

Required documents:

  1. application addressed to the rector;
  2. copy of ID;
  3. copy of education certificate;
  4. a copy of the certificate of taking the test program, specified in paragraph 14 of this Regulation (if any);
  5. a list of scientific and methodological works (if available);
  6. six photos measuring 3x4 centimeters;
  7. medical certificate form 086-У;
  8. personal sheet on personnel records and a document confirming labor activity.

Together with copies of the documents specified in this paragraph, the original is provided for verification. After reconciliation, originals are returned.

Order of entrance examinations:

Persons entering the doctoral program pass entrance exams:

  1. one of the foreign languages of choice (English, French, German);
  2. specialty exam.


Persons who have international certificates confirming the knowledge of a foreign language in accordance with the pan-European competence (standards) of proficiency in a foreign language are exempt from the entrance examination in a foreign language in doctoral studies.

Duration of doctoral studies - 3 years.

After full development of the curriculum and successful dissertation defense in the dissertation council of the Committee for Control in the Field of Education and Science of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the doctoral candidate is awarded the PhD degree with the issuance of a state standard document.

Programs of entrance examinations for doctoral studies by specialties:

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