Master Program

Code Name of specialty
1. 6M010300 Pedagogy and Psychology
2. 6M011000 Physics
3. 6M011100 Computer
4. 6M060100 Mathematics
5. 6M020500 Philology
6. 6M050600 Economy
7. 6M050700 Management
8. 6M051000 State and local government
9. 6M060200 Computer
10. 6M060700 Biology
11. 6M070100 Biotechnology
12. 6M070300 Information Systems
13. 6M070400 Computers and Software
14. 6M070900 Metallurgy
15. 6M071700 Heat power engineering
16. 6M071800 Electric power industry
17. 6M072000 Chemical technology of inorganic substances
18. 6M072700 Technology of food products
19. 6M073100 Life safety and environmental protection
20. 6M073200 Standardization, Certification and Metro
21. 6M030100 Law

Training in the magistracy has two streams: the profile (with a training period 1-1, 5 years), the scientific-teaching (with a short training period 2 years).