Currently the following privileges are provided:

1. According to the average mark of the certificate (full-time) (school graduates):

  • Average score 4.0-4.49 - 5% of the semi-annual cost
  • Average score 4,5-4,99 - 10% of the semi-annual cost
  • Certificate of special sample - 5.0-50% of the annual cost
  • Certificate of special sample - below 5.0-25% of semi-annual cost

2. For applicants with an average score of 5.0, a privilege of 50% of the annual cost is provided.

3. Exemption for excellent study in InEU (undergraduate):

  • Full-time education: 25% of the semi-annual cost
  • Evening education: 12% of the semi-annual cost

4. Family privilege

  • Full-time education: 20% for each following family member, but not more than 100%
  • Evening education: 10% for each following family member, but not more than 50%

5. Employee privileges - depending on length of service up to 50% of the annual cost.

6. Privilege to leading athletes - up to 12% of the semi-annual cost.

7. For active participation in the social life of the university. Privilege of 100% of the full cost of education.

8. Remuneration to the makler for active participation in career guidance.

InEU privileges position.

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