Approved by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan from the "31" of August 2012 № 1119

Nostrification - a procedure carried out to determine the equivalence of documents issued by persons who have received education in other states, international or foreign institutions (their branches), ie procedures to verify the content of education received abroad, the Kazakh state educational standards in terms of state requirements for minimum content and level of preparation of graduates, held after the authentication of certificates. Documents are accepted to the procedure of nostrification from the applicant.

{spoiler title= For this public service recipient presents a list of the following documents opened=0}

  • Application of nostrification education documents;
  • original certificate of education (after checking will be returned);
  • original application to the document on education (after checking will be returned) with the presence of the following information: number of hours passed disciplines and practices (if any), received final grades, course and final qualifying works, and other components of the educational process;
  • notarized copies of the education and its applications (if necessary, with the translation to state or Russian languages);
  • A notarized copy of the document certifying the identity of the owner of the education (if necessary, translated into Kazakh or Russian language). If the holder of the education changed his name / name / first name after receiving it, you need to submit supporting documents (certified copy of the marriage certificate);
  • copy of the license and the certificate of accreditation of the institution that issued the document on education, with the exception of state documents about the main average, secondary education, sealed by the institution (if necessary with a notarized translation into Kazakh or Russian);
  • receipt of payment.

The documents referred to in paragraphs 2 and 3, issued by the educational organizations must be apostilled or legalized or recipient of public services must submit a certificate from the archival institution, confirming his teaching.

Diplomas must be apostilled* or legalized *.

* Apostille (on state documents on education) - is an international standardized form of filling information on the legality of the document for a presentation on the territory of any country - the Hague Convention 1961 (including Kazakhstan).

* Legalization - confirmation of the authenticity and validity of the document issued in another state, in the form certifying text. {/spoiler}

Dear users of the public service of nostrification, pay your attention to the most common mistakes that cause delay of paperwork.

1.Pay attention to the coincidence of:


Diploma Application

Archival certificate

date of receipt



expiration date

series diploma



number of diploma

reg. № diploma






* In the case of changing the names copies of certificates must be certified.

2. In applications of the diploma there must be(only in a printing text):

  • Name of its owner;
  • series, the number of diploma;
  • hours of the study subjects and practices;
  • name and initials of the rector, dean, secretary.

3. While providing translated documents, you must have translations of all the seals.

4. Archive references should have a number and date of registration.

5. Not allowed:

  • Errors in the originals and copies of all documents, corrections (using corrector and other). If a correction was made by the institution, "to believe correction" record must be written and sealed by the educational institution;
  • Abbreviation of disciplines (eg, TCM, NVP, UDM, etc.).

If the documents are given not by applicant personally, but by confidant, you must have a notarized letter of attorney (original), or cover letter from the organization with the signature of the head and seal.

Application for delivery of documents must be completed correctly, without corrections, in a printed type, exact address and contact numbers.

When receiving a certificate of recognition or nostrification of the document of education you must have ID card and original receipt (trustee - notarial power of attorney) with you.

If there are pointed errors in the documents, documents will not be accepted.

Method of payment - bank transfer.

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Complete information about the order of the public service is on the official website of the Committee and the Center site