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Nostrification of qualifications - a procedure carried out to determine the equivalence of documents issued by persons who have received education in other states, international or foreign institutions (their branches), ie procedures to verification of the content of education received abroad, the Kazakh state educational standards in terms of state requirements for minimum content and level of training of graduates, held after the authentication of certificates.

Education documents issued by foreign education institutions, recognized in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the basis of international treaties (agreements).
In the absence of international treaties (agreements) nostrification education documents received by citizens in foreign educational organizations, and issue of the appropriate certificates are followed by the procedure established by the authorized body in the field of education.

Documents are accepted to the procedure for recognition and nostrification to the National Accreditation Centre through the university receiving commissions / Suza centralized on the results of enrollment or by the applicant.

Documents for application:

  1. original certificate of education;
  2. application of the document of Education (original);
  3. notarized translation of the education and its application into the state and / or Russian languages;
  4. notarized copy of the identity document, translated into Kazakh and / or Russian;
  5. copy of the license and / or certificate of accreditation of the institution that issued the certificates.

If necessary, documentation of the institution, official Kazakhstan and / or international organizations, may also be demanded. Responsibility for providing adequate information is on the applicant, which ensures integrity of such information (Lisbon Convention).

Compliance establishment of qualifications issued by foreign educational organizations with the State Educational Standards of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan is provided by expert committee. Expert committee of 3-5 people is created among the highly skilled workers of the education system by order of the Commissioner authority.

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