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Innovative University of Eurasia held the 1st regional Olympiad in natural and mathematical sciences for the students of the 9th and 10th forms and school alumni.

Masters of exact sciences

Students from 25 schools of the city converged in the intellectual competition in such disciplines as mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology. In spite of good level of knowledge only few of them have been worked up fightingly. This can be explained because of a lack of time.

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Andrey Kontsur, a student of 10th form Pavlodar School №39, said that he had been told about Olympiad in two days prior thus he had a little time and he had no opportunity to repeat all material. The questions were challenging that asked not only theoretical knowledge from textbooks but also logical thinking to solve challenges. I did not expect high results but still hoped for not being the last in the list.

Nargiz Amerkulova, a student of the 9th form from school №24, considered that Olympiad was not an easy one. Generally, all challenges were connected with the objectives of the geometry. According to her opinion she had chances to take a medal place as it all depended on how others had written. She thought to enter into the University after the 11th form on a humanitarian major.

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Won the strongest one
A week later, Olympiad participants met again in Innovative University of Eurasia where was awarding of winners and presentation of diploma and gifts. Winners of nominations have received certificates that give them right for partial reimbursement of training costs if they enter InUE.

I have never thought that I would win but, of course, was hoping for a third or second place. Olympiad was a challenging one. Besides, there were strong competitors. But I had been preparing for the Olympiad for a long period as with the teacher as individually. Before this Olympiad I had participated in the city Olympiads in Biology but I did not take any places thus, the first place was a very unexpected and joyful event for me, said the winner of the section “Biology”, a student from Pavlodar school №35, Risat Bolat.

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Aleksandra Valiyeva, an upper mid student from school №36, also says that Olympiad tasks were challenging:
The tasks were absolutely new. I had found last year tasks in the internet and prepared for them but not a single question was repeated this time moreover they were not even similar, said Aleksandra. And then she added that she had not thought to take the prize place. This gave me an opportunity to take advantage of a discount for training in InUE. And perhaps I would use it.

There is a list of winners of the 1st regional Olympiad in natural and mathematical sciences for the students of the 9th and 10th forms and alumni from Pavlodar schools.

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