IMG 9697A series of seminars and workshops on modern journalism began in InEU. The topic of the first meeting was the work with information sources.

“A journalist should not trust anyone!”

The first hour of the master class was devoted to selectivity in the sources of information. Who can inform a journalist? Is it worth working with a source who wishes to remain anonymous? Can I trust information from an unverified source? What to do if your source later asks you not to publish the material he shared? These and other questions were discussed by the participants of the master class.
Peter Schreiber is sure a journalist is not a hero. However, if he is forced to disclose the source of information, the real professional is ready to be held accountable by law, but not disclose the identity of the informant: “Confidential information should remain confidential”

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“Investigative journalism is journalism of indignation”

The second hour of the master class began with a training video about the rules and features of investigative journalism. Participants learned about working with open and secret sources, and also talked about the social responsibility of journalists to society.
One of the most striking examples disassembled at the master class was the sensational investigation of the largest European magazines about the plot of top football clubs against UEFA. More than half a year, 80 journalists analyzed information received from Football Leaks. Professionals in their field investigated 3 terabytes of documents - for comparison, about two thousand films in HD quality can be recorded on a hard disk of this size. A series of investigations focused on corruption in European football related to the creation of an elite tournament for a limited number of participants. Thanks to the painstaking work of journalists from different countries, the largest shadow deal was revealed.
We remind that Innovation University of Eurasia launched a series of master classes from an expert in international journalism. Peter Schreiber worked for 16 years as an editor at newspaper publishing houses, on radio, television and on the Internet, and has experience in the CIS countries and 30 African countries. In the first days of their stay in Pavlodar, an international journalist visited the holding, which united the official media of the region “Ertis Media”.

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Maral Aytmagambetova,
Milana Minakova
Department of Journalism and Philology
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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BolyarCongratulations to Ragimov Bolyar Abdolla-Ogly on receiving an award from Azerbaijan ECO for participating in strengthening peace, friendship and interethnic harmony in the region, for contributing to the revival of the culture, traditions and customs of the Azerbaijani people, for their great work in cultivating love and respect for our Motherland!





We also congratulate on receiving a medal from Colonel Emergency Department Temirbayev A. to the 100th anniversary of the fire brigade.



















We wish you good health, a long and happy life!

We are proud of you!


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1234а56а8а234The goal of the curatorial hours was to acquaint students with the main projects of the "Ruhani Zhangiru" program, to develop an active life position in students, to nurture the feelings of Kazakhstan patriotism and love for their homeland, and the main task is to contribute to the formation of students' knowledge about the present and future situation of our state, expanding outlook in the field of modernization of Kazakhstan and the development of creative abilities


During the interviews, the prerequisites for the modernization of Kazakhstan were considered, and the main attention was paid to the modernization of public consciousness.












Head Curator of the Department "Information Technology"
Tyulyugenova L.B.

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WhatsApp Image 2018-11-07 at 10.37.28В минувший вторник к.э.н., профессор кафедры "Экономики и менеджмента" Айна Сериковна Нарынбаева провела тренинг для членов Палаты предпринимателей Иртышского района на тему "Менторинг - как инструмент развития бизнеса", а также профориентационную работу, где рассказала о преимуществах обучения в магистратуре ИнЕУ.

NulsBQ7aknwThe pro-rector of InEU for marketing Amangeldy Beysembayev told the parents of 11 grades of Pavlodar school-lyceum № 8 about a number of advantages of Kazakhstan education.

In the presentation “To Leave or 10 Reasons to Stay,” Amangeldy Rakishevich explained why young Kazakhstanis should enter the universities of Kazakhstan rather than leave, for example, Russian ones.

So, for example, in 2018, on the instructions of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, an additional 20,000 grants were allocated for the training of specialists oriented specifically to the Kazakhstan market. The participants of the meeting clearly saw a comparative table of expenses for education in universities of Kazakhstan and Russia.

Parents were interested in the prospects for employment of graduates of InEU, to which A. Beisembaev said that, thanks to the dual education system and reliable partners, people from our university are employed almost 100%. In addition, undergraduates have the opportunity to immediately get two diplomas - a diploma from InEU and a partner university from a number of countries.

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Separately, parents asked about how you can go through a preliminary UNT. Amangeldy Rakishevich spoke about the features of his passing and invited to the preparatory courses in InEU, the graduates of which traditionally receive high scores.

As noted by the deputy director of the lyceum №8, Meiramgul Mnaidarova, the vice-rector of InEU provided detailed information, answering all the questions that arise for applicants and their parents when choosing a university.

“It is gratifying that we have such a higher education institution as InEU — the flagship of the Pavlodar Irtysh region’s education, which provides a competitive education,” says M. Mnaidarova.

If you, friends, have any additional questions, you can contact the InEU Admissions Office - in office number 115 at Lomov St., 45. Phones: 67-30-87, 67-37-37, WhatsApp: +77750340010

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On the basis of the Trade Union Center of Pavlodar region, a training seminar was held on the topic “Project Management for Modernizing Public Consciousness”. Teachers of InEU took part in the event organized by the Birlik Community Development Fund as part of the state social order of the Office of Internal Policy of Pavlodar region.

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Students of the Faculty of Business, Education and Law of the Innovative University of Eurasia (InEU) - Altynbek Aitpaevich Serikov and Baklanova Kristina Denisovna, a student of the Faculty of "Journalism", took part in the first international youth forum "Young Eurasia" of the State Agrarian University of the North Zauralye of Tyumen, Russian Federation.
Representatives of the Public Chamber of the region, representatives of the Tyumen regional public organization “National-cultural autonomy of the Kazakhs of the Tyumen region”, as well as students of the northern regions of Kazakhstan, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Kurgan and Tyumen took part in it.

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On October 29, 2018, a meeting was held with graduates of Ekibastuz schools.

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Students of the faculty of education, business and law of InEU had the opportunity to learn about the work of the American Corner in Pavlodar from the first hand.

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