bzAN1V6e6usStudents and teachers of the Innovative University of Eurasia (InEU) visited a large international event held in Pavlodar, Kazakhstan vs. England football match, the qualifying match of the 2019 World Cup among women.

Kazakhstani football players actively began to attack the opponent's gate at the beginning of the first half giving fans hope for victory. Fans of football shouted "Alga, Kazakstan!". 

Fans from InEU streamed the flag of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the flag of our university. Our students and teachers with various screamers supported our girls. However, the level of guests was higher and the match ended with a score of 6: 0 in favor of the England team.

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Thanks to the organizers of the match for the holiday of football in our city!

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IMG 7448The week immersed in the business atmosphere of the summer business school "BigIdeasCamp", which was organized by the Center for the Development of Entrepreneurship and Innovation AlmaU and the Association of Friends of the Tel Aviv University. The project entitled "Ecosystem of student entrepreneurship" also had support from ERG.

The business camp gathered students from nine educational institutions of Kostanay, Pavlodar, Aktobe and Karaganda regions, including seven students of the Innovative University of Eurasia who not only found friends, but also acquired useful contacts. This was facilitated by regular workshops of eminent public figures, activists, bloggers and even representatives of town planning enterprises of Irtysh region.
There were also parting speeches to the future businessmen of the deputy akim of the Pavlodar region on social issues Meiram Begentayev and the responsible secretary of the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan Aryna Orsarieva.
- Now all conditions for doing business are created in Kazakhstan, - says Aryn Orsariev. –In my youth, there was no such opportunity, so you are endlessly lucky - to live and build a business now. Use it wisely to achieve great success.
Dear guests came to congratulate the children with a unique opportunity to participate in a business camp that brought together enterprising guys.
- You must clearly understand that education is only a step towards your goal, which would be unattainable without the knowledge obtained at the university, "Meiram Begentyev added. - You should appreciate the opportunity that is given to you today, and use all the skills obtained in the business spheres with which you want to link your life.
It is worth noting that the entrepreneurial school was placed in the Aksu area in the Pavlodar region in the "Mechta" camp in the village of Belovka. And on the first day, when all the participants arrived in the camp, students were given an outdoor disco, and the volunteers prepared a small concert program.

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Already on the following day, a full immersion into space and business environment began, participants were divided into 2 streams, the audience was named "East 1" and "Apollo 11", classes on the topics "Leaders and Leadership" and "Critical Thinking" were held by Almau "Asylbek Kozhakhmetov and consultant of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Leila Makhmudova. The fruitful work of professional coaches and students was conducted daily. Master classes in the entrepreneurial school were given also by those who had something to tell from personal experience. For example, the president of JSC "Aluminum of Kazakhstan" Roman Romanov spoke before the youth, he told about the transformation of society in recent years, about the pace of development of the industrial component of our country.
In addition, the students took a direct part in the trainings, discussed, expressed their point of view and, upon completion of their one-week stay at the school "BigIdeasCamp", they were able to present their business projects.
All 72 students were divided into 16 teams, with the proviso that participants should not be from the same university. As a result, the first place was taken by students of educational institutions of the city of Karaganda. Participants presented a practical project for cleaning shoes with a convenient tool that can be carried. The winners got the Grant in the amount of 500 thousand tenge.
An honorable second place went to the team consisting of InEU and PSPU students. The guys presented the project of a prosthesis that performs commands with the help of a telephone.

Also, the participants of the summer school presented their business plans with the calculation of profits and possible risks. Among them there are not a few interesting ideas, this is the processing of sheep's wool, courses for relatives of those who suffer from serious illnesses and much more.
However, no one remained without attention, all participants of the enterprise school "BigIdeasCamp" received certificates


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Acting associate professor of the Department of «Economics and Management» Zhaltyrova O.I.

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11111111The staff, the leadership of the Innovative University of Eurasia (InEU) regularly participate in charity events, and this time we could not help preparing for the school year two schoolchildren from a large family

Recently, in InEU with the request to help the Graf family with the preparation of two children for school,Margarita and Rostislav, asked the director of the school №17 Aigul Malikova.

Today the first vice-rector of InEU, vice-rector for innovative development Yevgeny Nikitin presented gifts to schoolchildren, and after that he talked with the family during a cup of tea with a cake.









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AFC 0021The rector of the Innovative University of Eurasia, (InEU), the deputy of the city maslikhat Marat Asylbekovich Bayandin inspected the schools of the settlement of Leninsky for readiness for the academic year.

At school number 31 of the Leninsky settlement repair of classrooms, sports and assembly halls, boiler room for fuel and lubricants was completed. But the main innovation is that this year in this educational institution introduced technologies presented at the international exhibition EXPO-2017 - a boiler house, working on the basis of straw and hay. This is a pilot republican project. It should be noted that raw materials for boilers will be produced on site. Combustion of biofuel occurs completely, as a result of which there is no need for a system for removing ash and slags (as in boiler houses operating on fuel). The school leadership proudly showed the deputy a new complex consisting of the boiler itself, a warehouse for biofuel, a block of automated supply of briquettes to the furnace.
- The equipment is very easy to use. Nevertheless, specialists who will serve boilers have been trained. Modern boilers are automated. You can adjust the fuel supply in automatic mode. Thus, we completely solve the issue of removal of built-in boiler-houses, - the school management emphasizes. Marat Bayandin noted that the technologies of the future will bring economic benefits. So, fuel on biomass is 3.5 times cheaper than diesel fuel.

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AFC 0054

Then the deputy visited school №32 of the village. Here he found a team of finishers who were finishing the renovation of the sports hall. The dining room and classes are renovated and ready for the school year. By the way, in school there are already classes for pupils in a preparatory school". The school's leadership drew attention to the fact that this school also pays much attention to environmental education. In particular, they installed modern garbage containers, consisting of three compartments for plastic, paper and tetropacks.

This will teach children to protect the environment.

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All the schools of the village were adequately prepared for the new school year, said the deputy of the city maslikhat Marat Asylbekovich Bayandin.

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IMG 0262The forum brought together directors, deputies and teachers of secondary schools. They discussed the problems of education and development prospects. Scientific library of InEU for its part organized and designed a book exhibition "Science. Education. Innovations ", which also presented the works of university scientists. They supplemented the book exhibition with periodicals, which are necessary for subject teachers in physics, history, mathematics, computer science, geography, Russian, English and Kazakh.


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Bibliographer of the Scientific Library: M.Ye. Amrenova

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AFC 0115Within the charity state program, the deputy of the city maslikhat, the rector of the Innovative Universityof Eurasia (InEU) Marat Asaybekovich Bayandin visited schools No. 31 and 32 of the Leninsky settlement. He handed gifts to first-grade pupils.

The deputy of the city maslikhat, the rector of the Innovative Eurasian University (InEU) Marat Asylbekovich Bayandin, in the framework of the state program "Road to School", gave children from large families - to pupils of elementary grades of schools No. 31, 32 of Leninsky village backpacks and school supplies, which included diaries, notebooks, drawing albums, pens, colored pencils and much more. The deputy wished the children success in school and treated them with holiday baursaks in honor of the Muslim holiday "Kurban Bayram". 

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IMG 0279Within the framework of the August pedagogical readings on the topic "Human Capital assets in the Conditions of the Fourth Industrial Revolution", Pavlodar Education Department held  XIII city pedagogical marathon in InEU.

The pedagogical marathon was held on the basis of three dialogue platforms, for teachers of schools - in the Innovative University of Eurasia (InEU). More than 3,000 educators and employees of pre-school and out-of-school educational establishments of the city took part in pedagogical readings.
The program of the August pedagogical readings includes the holding of a plenary session and the work of sections in the directions. The plenary part of the conference was attended by Doctor of Philology, Professor, Vice-Rector for Marketing of InEU Beisembayev A.R.; Senior Lecturer of the Branch of the JSC NCPD "Orleu" Bodobinskaya L.V.; experienced heads of educational institutions Bulgakova E.I (School No. 39), Zhusupova L.B (School No. 37), Rakhimgozhina N.Sh. (School No. 24), Temirbekova B.K (Nursery No. 10).

IMG 0283IMG 0291

IMG 0302IMG 0364


There was an actual dialogue between the heads of schools, the protection of projects on management, innovative experience and projects of methodological ideas of the deputy principals of schools for updating the content of education, working hours and pedagogical experience of creative teachers of the city.


IMG 0336IMG 0340

On the issues of technological development of the teaching and educational process, experience and innovation, content updates, quality management departments, more than 300 innovative projects were presented and protected in the new TEDx format in 68 sections. Certificates of the department of education were awarded and awarded the best projects.


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IMG 0325IMG 0330

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11111111111Students of the Innovative Eurasian University (InEU) are trained in the summer business camp "Mechta", which is located in the village of Belovka of Aksu rural zone of the Pavlodar region.

72 students from 9 universities of Pavlodar, Aktobe, Karaganda and Kostanay came to the camp. All of them won the competitions of startup projects in their universities. InEU team consists of seven people.
The summer business school "BigIdeasCamp" is organized in the framework of the ERG project "The Ecosystem of Student Entrepreneurship", whose goal is to transform classical regional educational institutions into entrepreneurial ones, develop entrepreneurship skills among students.

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To get acquainted among themselves the students were helped by a contest in which they were to write 30 names of "classmates", finding them according to special signs. It was necessary to find a left-hander, a man in contact lenses, a fan of Marvel movies, a green eyes owner, etc. - and at the same time, so that no one has ever repeated.
Also in the game format there are trainings on the topics: "Qualities of the leader", "Honor and dignity", "Initiative and responsibility", "Courage and proactivity", "Ability to build effective teams", "Energy and charisma", "Enthusiasm and influence" , "Risk and resistance to failure," "Perseverance and constant self-development," "Critical thinking." Knowledge is shared by the business coach Leila Mahmudova. Another trainer Albina Salimbayeva conducted a training on the theme "Design thinking for start-up projects".

Well, the most important topic was taken by the president of Alma U - Asylbek Kozhakhmetov. He talked about leaders and leadership.
Such camps help students in the future build their business ideas and embody them in reality. Our students are eager to become successful businessmen. We wish to get more knowledge in the field of business and start your own business


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InEU is your way to success! InEU is for the leaders!

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vodaInEU scientists together with colleagues from Astana and the United Kingdom have developed a method for demercurization of Lake Bylkyldak: they offer not only to purge the water of the storage tank from mercury, but also to use it for industrial purposes.

unikWhy do you choose InEU? See reviews about InEU of our new students - grant holders, as well as their mothers and grandmothers.

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