KlRKclZxC IAnd so it happened! The International School of Marketing is officially opened in InEU. Earlier, Timur Sabitov, a well-known business coach and president of the Kazakhstan Federation of Marketing, Advertising and PR, presented its features.

WhatsApp Image 2019-03-16 at 07.40.38 1In the Pavlodar region, the action "Day of Self-Government" was held, organized by the regional Department of State Service with the support of the regional akimat. Representatives of the youth on that day became the heads of state institutions, and employees of state bodies, in turn, tried themselves in the role of mentors. By 09:00 in the morning, the doubles came to work at state institutions and were together with their managers until the end of the working day.


The presentation of the International School of Marketers was held today at Atameken. The business coach, President of the Kazakhstan Federation of Marketing, Advertising and PR Timur Sabitov spoke at the meeting.






The rector of the Innovation Eurasian University Marat Bayandin also took part in the meeting.

Timur Sabitov spoke about the benefits and specifics of training in the regional offices of the International School of Marketers. He opened some innovative directions in marketing, cited specific examples from the experience of his students working in large domestic companies and medium and small businesses, startups.

According to him, the school of marketing works in several directions: theoretical knowledge is supported by concrete practical work. Well-known business coaches in the CIS and abroad, and they are often the heads of large, successfully operating companies, teach entrepreneurs the basics of marketing and management. Timur Sabitov gave detailed answers to the questions arising during the presentation of the International School of Marketers. For example, the format of the training program includes 18 modules of 12 hours. A full course of the School of Marketing will take 12 weeks. At the end of the cadet will receive knowledge and skills that contribute to more successful development of their business, mastering the world market and an international diploma, quoted in Europe, Russia and Kazakhstan




















this social, only to cover the costs of guest trainers. In addition, it is possible to repay this amount in several stages. And the tuition fees are paid only once, then the graduate of the school can repeatedly listen to the subsequent advanced courses for free. There is another nuance. If a cadet, having attended one or two classes, decides that the acquired knowledge is not useful to him, he can return his money by 100%.

The opening of the International School of Marketers based on InEU is scheduled for Friday, March 15. It will bring together leading Kazakhstani experts in the field of marketing and business representatives.

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Also, an international business coach, President of the Kazakhstan Federation of Marketing, Advertising and PR Timur Sabitov will give a three-day training on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (March 15, 16 and 17), InEU co-working (M. Gorky St. 102/4, r. 209)


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f2dcc422-e72c-4339-a2ff-e0aabcc2d1b5It all started with the fact that the dean of the faculty, Smagulova Z.K. placed in vatsapa information that is receiving applications for an international competition in the Russian Federation, Moscow (February 21-22, 2019). And Andrey Kaptsov and I (group F-302s) sent an application for participation and were very happy when the message came that the project had gone to the finals and one person from the project is invited to participate in the Forum and present their country, their university at the competition site! Of the 120 applications to the final stage of the competition - a public presentation - got only thirteen. We packed a prototype, and Andrey left to represent InEU at an international competition!

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The presentation of the International School of Marketers was held today at the co-working center of the Innovative University of Eurasia (InEU). The business coach, President of the Kazakhstan Federation of Marketing, Advertising and PR Timur Sabitov spoke at the meeting.




He spoke about the specifics of training at the School of Marketers and focused on innovations in marketing, citing specific examples from the experience of domestic companies.

According to Timur Sabitov, the school of marketing works in several directions. Here, business coaches and private company executives teach entrepreneurs the basics of marketing and management. Each of them had the opportunity to ask questions. For example, about European standards of education, criteria for admission to school.

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The launch of the School of Marketers is scheduled for Friday, March 15th. It will bring together leading Kazakhstan experts in the field of marketing. The program format includes 18 modules for 12 hours.

The master class and the three-day training will be held at the InEU base on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. A total of marketing school classes will take 12 weeks.

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The training provides for the holding of medium-term training courses in the field of marketing, with the involvement of practicing marketologists from the CIS countries. At the end of the curriculum issued an international diploma. All participants will be able to more successfully develop their business, master the global market.



Ekaterina Potetyurina

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Innovative University of Eurasia (InEU) opens the doors for residents of Omsk and Omsk region. Soon, specialists from our university will go to this region to talk about the benefits of studying at the Innovative University of Eurasia.




The reason for strengthening ties between the regions and a visit to educational institutions in Omsk was a signed Memorandum of Cooperation, in which the signatories were signed by the Rector of InEU Marat Bayandin and the head of the RPO "Kazakh National Cultural Center" Omsk (RF) Zhanat Bekmagombetov.

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J. Bekmagombetov believes that training residents of the Omsk region in InEU is a great opportunity to become a highly qualified specialist:

- InEU is the closest serious, strong university, which is available for ethnic Kazakhs of Omsk. There are good conditions in your university, which are considered not as a backup option, but as the main one. Including great grant support. And if we talk about commercial projects - learning, they are inexpensive compared to our leading universities. Kazakhstan education is no worse than Russian. InEU has more opportunities to study abroad. “Not all Russian universities can offer this,” notes J. Bekmagombetov.

The delegation of the Russian center visited InEU on behalf of the consulate of Kazakhstan in Omsk. During the visit, a meeting with the leadership of InEU, a tour of the university and the signing of a memorandum of cooperation.

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- InEU is one of the leading universities in Kazakhstan. Convenient location Pavlodar relative to Omsk. Parents, of course, will be more comfortable in learning. It is easier for children to get there - a bus service is established and the plane will soon be flying, ”emphasizes Zhanay Boranbayevich Abulkhanov, deputy director of the school No. 97 named after L.G. Polischuk.

As a sign of further cooperation, InEU presented souvenirs to Omsk guests.


Ekaterina Potetyurina

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Today at 10 am, within the framework of the national cuisine festival held by the Youth Wing ANKINEU and the activists of the Student Self-Government in the 3rd building of InEU, a charity fair was held to help Amanoll Alisher.




Students prepared dishes of national cuisine of the people of Kazakhstan. Also sold fruit, flour products. People approached, bought food and were interested in helping the boy. At the end of the fair, 10 thousand tenge was collected and 5 tickets for a charity concert were sold.

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 We express special gratitude to the Faculty of Business Education and Law for the assistance provided, as well as to the activists for the initiative shown in holding the fair.

Anel Nurko

Press service of InEU

nauryzThe Nauryz holiday is one of the most ancient holidays, in Persian it means “new day”. It has been celebrated for more than five thousand years, as a holiday of spring and renewal of nature by many peoples of Central and Eastern Asia.





The origin of this celebration has its roots in the pre-alphabetical era of human history. He acquired official status in the Achaemenid Empire, as a religious holiday of Zoroastrianism. In modern times, it is celebrated on the days on which the vernal equinox falls. Now Nauryz is celebrated on March 21, as the official start of the new year on the astronomical solar calendar in Iran and Afghanistan. As a state - March 21 in Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Albania, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Turkey. In Kazakhstan, Nauryz is officially celebrated on March 21-23. These days are declared non-working. In the distant past, the Kazakhs called Nauryz the Great Day of the ulus (people). Among the nations celebrating the traditional day, it’s gone: the more generous the holiday, the better the year will pass.











The holiday Nauryz is a symbol of spring renewal, fertility and friendship. People bring their houses and household in order, plant trees and flowers. On this day, people dress smartly, go to visit relatives and friends. With a smile, exchange greetings and good wishes.
The celebration was always accompanied by massive games, traditional horse racing, entertainment. The most famous games "Aykysh-uikysh" ("Towards each other") and "Audary-spec", during which the horsemen tried to pull each other out of the saddle. Arrange traditional sports - Kazaksha kures, togyz kumalak, baiga. Right on the streets the actors play theatrical performances and skits. Young people gather at the swing - altybakan. In the midst of the holiday all sing songs, dance, have fun. Later in the evening, aytis begins - two akyns in poetic form compete in songs. The competition stopped at sunset.













On holiday it is customary to cover a big rich dastarkhan. The main dish is Nauryz-Kozhe, which consists of 7 ingredients that symbolize the 7 elements of life: water, meat, salt, fat, flour, cereals (rice, corn or wheat) and milk. These products symbolize joy, luck, wisdom, health, well-being, speed, growth, and divine protection. They drink koumiss, a sour-milk drink made from mare's milk. In Kazakhstan, Nauryz was not celebrated nationally from 1926 to 1988. Since 2001 - declared state. Today Nauryz is dear to all nations living in our multi-ethnic country.d094f41f376fc909060d320808916fbd











Anel Nurko

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семи2More and more questions appeared to the speaker. Yesterday this audience was constrained and reluctantly participated in the discussions, today there are already a few other guys, active, interested, courageous. Our guest, General Director of FoodGo LLP Yerzhan Alinov, told in an open / binary session how to start an IT project, realize a childhood dream and reach a passive income. By his 25 years he managed to promote a business in Pavlodar for delivering food through the site, to launch a healthy food service.

дар1A memorandum of cooperation between the Innovative University of Eurasia and the Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech, Estonia) was signed today at the international forum “Digitization: the Estonian experience” held at the Astana Hub.

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