dddSince January 8, medical notesfrom the neuropsychiatric, narcological and tuberculosis dispensaries were fully automated on the portal and now they can be obtained obtained through the Internet, reports Pavlodar-online.

magistraturaASTANA. KAZINFORM-Vice-Minister of education and science of Kazakhstan Askhat Aimagambetov announced the change in the order of admission to the master's and doctoral studies, the correspondent of the international news agency "Kazinform"reports.



"Firstly, grants for master's degree will be distributed on the basis of a single exam. If before grants were awarded by the University, they prepared tasks themselves, conducted exams themselves, made the decision to enroll, now there will be a single exam in the format of GMAT. Applicants will have to pass a comprehensive test, which will be held by the National testing center of Kazakhstan", - wrote Askhat Aimagambetov on his page on Facebook. The Vice-Minister said that the applicants who scored high points during the test will receive grants and will choose the University for training. Thus, the grant will be sent after the master student. This will help to increase the openness and transparency of the award of grants, as well as the competitiveness of universities. Applicants for master's degree will have to specify a group of educational programs within the direction of preparation.Applicants will have to pass tests in a foreign language (as it was before) in the direction of education, as well as in two specialized subjects. With regard to doctoral programs, there is no change in the format. The entrant will have to pass examinations on a profile subject in higher education institution, and also to provide the certificate on level of knowledge of a foreign language.The main change is that now the requirements for the knowledge of a foreign language and the provision of an international certificate (respectively, IELTS, TOEFL, etc.) will be presented for admission to the doctoral program. Now there will be no need to pass tests on knowledge of a foreign language in the National testing center.

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photo 135637Appeal of the Supervisory Board and Board of Directors to the faculty, students and staff of the Innovative University of Eurasia.

Dear Colleagues! Dear students!

Innovative University of Eurasia has always been and remains an academically honest university, constantly struggling with all corruption manifestations in any form. However, recently information from various sources arriving from various sources, carrying a different corruption component, primarily in the academic field (assistance with admission, training, intermediate and final controls of students' achievements). With confidence that this information is largely unreliable in nature, due to the nationwide strengthening of measures to combat corruption in all its manifestations, we appeal to you about the need for strict compliance with the Code of Academic Integrity and the Code of Corporate Culture.

Dear teachers and staff! The Supervisory Board and the Board of Directors informs you that in the case of the use of official position for mercenary purposes, such facts will be transmitted to the appropriate law enforcement agencies.

Knowing that most of the teachers and staff of our university are decisively struggling with negative manifestations in the academic field, we appeal to those who are not completely imbued with the corporate spirit. Do not make irreparable for your reputation and career mistakes. We are not only set to take drastic measures, but are also ready to provide assistance or support to those who for some reason find themselves in a difficult financial situation.

Dear students! We ask for your understanding that qualitative knowledge, without which personal growth is impossible, cannot be obtained through dishonest means. About all the signs of the corruption component in your address, please inform the vice-rectors, the rector, the Supervisory Board in any convenient form, including through mailboxes and mail of trust. We will make every effort for an objective hearing on all the cases.

Dear colleagues and students! The further sustainable development of the Innovative University of Eurasia as a university depends on us, providing career opportunities for both graduates and its employees, and not the “factory of diplomas”. We are a team and we must, and will, in an atmosphere of mutual assistance and trust, form a positive image of our University.


Supervisory Board and Board of Directors
Innovative University of Eurasia

j0aZOX79RCgThe Department for the Development of Languages of Pavlodar Region, together with the Innovative Eurasian University, held an International Scientific and Methodological Seminar on the theme “Latyn emelean Sauatty megherudің tіmdі zholdary (theory of learning)”

The seminar was organized in the Innovation University of Eurasia in the framework of the program article of the Head of State “Bolashaka Bagdar: Ruhani Zhangyru”. The transition to the Latin alphabet is one of the important steps for our country, because it is the way to the Kazakh language to the international level.

The event identified the important tasks of educational and scientific support for the process of transition to the Latin alphabet. The seminar examined important stages of transition, such as the organization of additional educational programs for future teachers, the development of teaching and multimedia manuals, the transfer of office work to the Latin script, advanced training of faculty, etc.









The seminar was attended by university professors, school teachers, undergraduates, researchers, senior students in the specialty "Philology", employees of government agencies, enterprises and organizations.

Department of language development of Pavlodar region

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WhatsApp Image 2019-01-09 at 14.02.49

InEU today launched courses for improving the qualifications of informatics teachers in schools in Pavlodar region as part of the Nur Otan project of the People’s Democratic Party (NDP) “Training teachers for IT classes”, which will last from January 9 to February 25, 2019


The participants of the courses work in parallel in two groups in the classrooms of our university, in total 40 teachers from the schools of the cities and districts of Pavlodar region are trained. Students learn such modules as “Programming”, “Robotics”, “3D-modeling”.

The course organizers are the Information Technology and Academic Work Department, the Information Technologies Department of InEU. Courses are held on the educational order of the NDP "Nur Otan" and the Department of Education of Pavlodar region.

- To date, in the area opened 20 modern IT-classes. In 2019, another 40 IT classes are planned to open. A working group was created, which included scientists from three universities and developed a program for the retraining of teachers. Today, they started training, and then teachers will develop programs that will teach children, ”said Zhuldyz Taikebaeva, deputy chairman of the Pavlodar regional branch of NDP“ Nur Otan ”.


WhatsApp Image 2019-01-09 at 14.02.50   BUmSLUzG ac








WhatsApp Image 2019-01-09 at 14.02.51    WhatsApp Image 2019-01-09 at 14.02.51 1








The main tasks of the teacher in the IT-class is to increase digital literacy, improve the knowledge and skills of children on IT-technologies, stimulate children's interest and talent for innovative discoveries.

WhatsApp Image 2019-01-09 at 14.02.52WhatsApp Image 2019-01-09 at 14.02.52 1








Recall that in the spring of 2018, the first IT Center in Kazakhstan, created as part of the project of the Nur Otan Party, “Training IT Specialists” opened in the Innovation University of Eurasia. Its main goal is to increase the digital literacy of citizens and to prepare a pool of qualified IT specialists who in the future would be able to teach in IT classes and create IT startups.

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article-3698-1543237477Students of InEU adequately played in the youth hockey team of Kazakhstan at the World Championships in Canada. Our Kazakhstan youth team was played by our Demid Yeremeyev, Davyd Makutsky, Dmitry Mitenkov, Andrei Buyalsky. Well done! 

Yes, our team did not occupy a high place, but in the decisive match Kazakhstanis beat Denmark with a score of 4: 0. Moreover, both teams needed only a victory in order to retain registration in the elite division of the World Youth Championship. And our guys did it convincingly. We got a second victory over Denmark and did everything to ensure that Kazakhstan was among the best teams in the world. 

20190104233808622713 1546052609









In the fateful game, Demid Yeremeyev took a place at the gates of Kazakhstan. We recall, it made a splash in the first game with Finland, making an incredible 51 saves. Also, one puck into the net of the Danes was scored by our student David Makutsky. Hockey players of the Danish national team tirelessly attacked the gates of Kazakhstan, but Demid left them intact.

Thank you guys for all of you! For what adequately played for InEU and for the Motherland!

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Hw8hLv3wXKgA record number of prizes was taken by the team of Pavlodar at the regional subject Olympiad



It was attended by 65 schoolchildren who tested their knowledge in 15 subjects, reports

“Pavlodar schoolchildren have not had such achievements following the results of the regional Olympiad,” they note in the education department of the city. - Pupils of Pavlodar schools took 47 prizes: ten first, ten second and 27 third places.

These are record indicators in comparison with last years.

The winners of the regional Olympiad, graduates of school №35 Zuhra Kasymzhan, school №37 Anel Kuttybaeva received educational grants for training in InEU in humanitarian and economic disciplines.

The best result among schools in the city showed secondary school number 1, 9, 16, 18, 23, 29, 34, 35, 36, 37, 39, 42.

It is worth noting that the nine winners of the regional stage of the subject Olympiad will have to defend the honor of the region at the republican stage.

- Schoolchildren of the city showed a high level of knowledge in chemistry, geography, computer science, history of Kazakhstan, the basics of law, the Kazakh language and literature, Russian, English, German, French. The team of the city has become once again the best. This is a great victory not only for schoolchildren, but also for their teachers, ”stressed the head of the Pavlodar Daryna Center, Azamat Shaimurath. 

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seminarInEU held a regional seminar "Development of competence of the teacher in terms of updating the content of education", organized by specialists of the Higher College of InEU and Nazarbayev Intellectual school.






At the seminar was discussed the purpose of updating the content of basic education, the system of criteria-based assessment. The experience of Nazarbayev Intellectual schools was studied. Teachers discussed what skills will be needed in the labor market, and how to develop functional literacy of students in the best way.








Also, the work on the sections of humanities, natural and mathematical cycle, physical education was carried out.


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Representatives of InEU among the winners of the regional competition of young scientists "Zhas ghalym-2018"! Congratulations!

The winners of the competition were awarded in the "Center for the development of youth initiatives" with the support of the Council of young scientists of Pavlodar region.

First place in the nomination "Young master student" took the master student of 1 course of a speciality "Biotechnology" at the Department "Applied biotechnology" Aigerim Uteldinova. Second place in the nomination "Best innovative project" took the 3-course student of the specialty "Finance" of the Department "Economics and management" Alexandra Jagusewich. Thank you for your efforts!

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-29 at 10.33.3620181228 154950








The purpose of the competition is to support scientific initiatives and programs of young scientists in the development of their scientific potential and popularization of scientific and technical creativity. The winners were awarded with diplomas and valuable gifts.


Scientific supervisor, PhD, associate Professor

Department of Applied biotechnology

Isaeva, J. B.

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-ZBls9MB9roWith the upcoming 2019, congratulated pupils of the four schools and residents in the village Leninskiy, the rector of Innovative University of Eurasia (InEU), the Deputy of the Pavlodar city maslikhat, member of the faction of "Nur Otan" Marat Bayandin.





Today Marat Asylbekovich traveled electoral district №1. But not with a work trip, but on the occasion of celebration. Arrived with gifts - pleasant and useful. He gave the sweets to the students of secondary school №30, which is located in Pavlodar, and also to the children from school № 31, 32 and 33, in the village Leninskiy.


Qh zyFamZR8QlZZ1kFNxYY














Deputy M. Bayandin visited the invalid, the pensioner Tasybaev Aitmuhamet Kazesovich that at the parliamentary reception asked to help his family with the purchase of coal for home heating. Marat Asylbekovich gave him money to buy fuel and gifts for his four grandchildren. Also, five children of Tatiana Pogudina liked the sweet pleasures, who not only thanked, but also promised to study well, to receive valuable knowledge.

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