1111В увлекательном путешествии по университету приняли участие не только выпускники школ города, но и ученики 8-9 классов. Двери вуза в пятницу распахнулись для всех желающих, чтобы показать каков мир Инновационного Евразийского университета изнутри. Необычное путешествие по кафедрам ожидало школьников и абитуриентов.


The gold medal from Switzerland was taken by Dmitry Nemerenko – student of speciality of Physical training and sport of InEU College. He with his partner Anastassiya Arhipova in Kazakhstan national team participated in the 16th international tournament on sports acrobatics of "AsroCup 2017". Sport couples from Germany, Switzerland, America, China, Russia and Kazakhstan took part in it.

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The external advisory committee of the IAAR (Independent Agency for Accreditation and Rating) began work in InEU at this morning. 

At the business meeting with experts, the rector of the InEU Marat Asylbekovich Bayandin told about the achievements of InEU and the innovations had introduced in recent years.



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A third-year student of Journalism specialty of our university is among the winners.

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The international forum of Information Technologies – is the basis of technological modernization of the economy, was in InEU last Friday. Representatives of the leading world companies, specializing in IT products, took part in that forum.

huge 1000x665On April 17, 2017, The Innovative University of Eurasia was accredited by the Education and Science Control Committee of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan as a subject of scientific and/or scientific and technical activities.


Ab7gZ2VNeH4 1000x684Today, one more alley was opened in the park of campus of InEU. Alley of Graduates of Innovative University of Eurasia is located on M.Gorkiy st., 102/4. Famous people, among them successful businessmen, heads of enterprises of city and region, civil servants planted own nominative trees. All of them bear a proud name – Graduate of InEU

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 Elegance, beauty and intelligence fair InEU – Khanshayim – 2017 finished



IMG 7712 1000x667The results of the 43rd scientific and practical conference of Junior Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan - "Integration of science and education – a step to the future" are summed up. Among the best – students of INEU. The committee of experts has noted important practical importance of the winning scientific projects.

A Double Degree Programme is opened at the Innovative University of Eurasia to train professionals in the field of foresight. This training will be conducted in the Republic of Kazakhstan for the first time.

The Innovative University of Eurasia has signed the Agreement with Moscow State University of Technologies and Management named after K.G. Razumovsky (MSUTM) on opening a Double Master Degree Programme of economic profile with specialization in “Foresight in the system of economical processes regulation”.

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