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At the dedication to students of InEU College freshmen were reminded many times that the most important thing for a student is study. Concert program in three languages: Kazakh, Russian and English, incendiary dances, beautiful songs, funny contests and, most importantly, wise words of farewell waiting for newcomers.

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Students of the Innovative Eurasian University (InEU) are given the opportunity to practice in the walls of the Pavlodar Regional Prosecutor's Office and take practical knowledge from experienced prosecutors.

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Akim of Pavlodar region Bulat Bakauov delivered a lecture "Socio-economic development of Pavlodar region. Plans and prospects "at a meeting with students of local universities, held at the Innovative Eurasian University (InEU).


Graduates, who have passed the UNT within the walls of Innovative University of Eurasia, collect a certificate of results of the test. There are photos play-by-play.


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The high status was confirmed by the educational programs of InEU. They proved that they are the guarantee of quality education, successful employment, and the diplomas from university are recognized all over the world.


Enrollees of our city, and also pupils of 8-9 classes took part in the exciting journey at the university. On Friday, the doors of the university burst opened for all comers to show the world of the Innovative University of Eurasia internally.  


The gold medal from Switzerland was taken by Dmitry Nemerenko – student of speciality of Physical training and sport of InEU College. He with his partner Anastassiya Arhipova in Kazakhstan national team participated in the 16th international tournament on sports acrobatics of "AsroCup 2017". Sport couples from Germany, Switzerland, America, China, Russia and Kazakhstan took part in it.

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The external advisory committee of the IAAR (Independent Agency for Accreditation and Rating) began work in InEU at this morning. 

At the business meeting with experts, the rector of the InEU Marat Asylbekovich Bayandin told about the achievements of InEU and the innovations had introduced in recent years.



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A third-year student of Journalism specialty of our university is among the winners.

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The international forum of Information Technologies – is the basis of technological modernization of the economy, was in InEU last Friday. Representatives of the leading world companies, specializing in IT products, took part in that forum.

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