InEU is an active participant in innovative research programs relevant to the development of the country. These include fundamental and applied research in the fields of agriculture, veterinary medicine, technologies in creation of advanced materials, industrial progress and innovation development. The projects serve to raise the regional and the national standards of life, quality of the rural population, and level of higher education in Kazakhstan.

Our scientist are tasked to conduct fundamental and applied research. They participate in developing and implementing programs which promote sustainable development within the region and take roles in innovative national projects. Additionally, they are active in the development of regulations and quality standards in the fields of education and social services.

The Innovative University of Eurasia is dedicated to developing science-driven technologies:

  • Participating in international and national competitions for innovative projects;
  • Providing aid to entrepreneurs, researchers, and inventors in the preparation of innovative projects;
  • Assisting in the marketing and commercialization of scientific ideas.

The Innovative University of Eurasia worked jointly with “Kazakhstan Centre for Modernization and Development of Housing” JSC to host the first exhibition of energy saving products produced by regional companies. The above mentioned activity complies with the State program for modernization of housing and communal services.
Each year, students and teachers of Innovative University of Eurasia participate in regional, national and international competitions exhibiting their innovative projects. The merit and value of their work may be seen in the grants/prizes which they are frequently awarded at the above noted competitions.