Scientific journal “Vestnik InUE”

vestnik oblozhkaScientific journal “Vestnik of Innovative university of Eurasia” (ISSN 1729-536Х) is published from December 1998

To publish an article in a scientific journal author (-s) submit the following documents:

1.    Expert opinion on the possibility of publishing articles in the open press - 1 copy.
2.    Information about the author (s): first name, middle name (in full), place of work (name of the institution, organization, without reductions, faculty, department), office phone, fax, e-mail (required), home address and home (mobile ) phone - 1 copy.
3.    Manuscript of an article with at least no less than 3 and not more than 8 pages, signed by the author (s) - 1 copy.
4.    An extract from the faculty meeting (research unit) or Scientific and Technical Council with a decision about the direction of the article for publication in a scientific journal "Vestnik of Innovative University of Eurasia."
5.    Reviews of two leading experts in the field of science - 1 copy.
6.    The electronic version of the article (including a summary, title and keywords (5-7) in Kazakh, Russian and English) on the removable disk (Flash-card), on CD or sent by email to the editors. Drawings and diagrams are enclosed as a separate file in the format of jpeg.
7.    A document that certifies payment of publication article in the journal.

Requirements for manuscript:

1.    Manuscripts must be typed on a computer in the format of doc (Microsoft Word 97/2000; XP 2003). Format is A4 sheet. All fields are of 2 centimeters. Page orientation is a portrait (including tables, illustrations). Fonts are Times New Roman, KZ Times New Roman. Character size is 10 pt.
2.    Text should be formatted in width without hyphenation; indentation at the beginning of the paragraph is 1 cm. Interline interval is single. Execution of the textual part of the article:
2.1.    Text, tables, formulas and figures are presented according to GOST 2.105-95 "General requirements for textual documents". Mathematical formulas, drawings and illustrations - embedded in the text, in black and white (instead of colour you must use different variants of hatch. Drawings and diagrams are enclosed as a separate file in jpeg format.
2.2.    Drawings should be presented as clearly complied; inscriptions if possible should be replaced by figures or letters with the disclosure in the caption. Position in the figure is arranged clockwise.
2.3.    The text of the article must include links to the submitted drawings (table).
2.4.    List of articles used in the preparation of information sources is located at the end of the article and made in accordance with GOST 7.1-2003. These sources are given in the order of reference in the article. References in the text should be given in square brackets, for example [1] or [1, p. 5].
2.5.    the text of the article is represented as one file whose name must consist of not less than three words: the first of which is the author's name (in case if there are several authors the name of the author who has paid for the publication of the article and next first two words of the title of the article. Drawings and diagrams are enclosed as a separate file in the format of jpeg.
4.    Structure of the article:
4.1.    Universal decimal code (UDC) is located on the first page in the upper left corner.
4.2.    Initials of name and last name of each author with indication of scientific / academic degree (in full).
4.3.    Place of work (name of the company, organization, institution), city and country.
4.4.    E-mail of the author (s) of the article.
4.5.    Title of the article that reflects content of the article is not more than 10 words in bold, character size is 12 pt. Use of abbreviations except generally accepted is not allowed in the title.
4.6.    Annotation is provided on the language of the article in italics the word “Annotation” is given.
4.7.    Key words are in the language of Article (5-7 words or phrases that do not repeat the title of the article) in italic, phrase "Keywords" is given.
4.8.    Text of the article includes the following sections: introduction, literature review (if necessary), a description of the material and research methods, results and discussion, and conclusions.
4.9.    References (no less than 8-10 sources without further reference to regulatory and legal sources), presented in two versions.
4.10.    According to the first variant the sources are provided according to the original of the publication to which the author refers. In the second case, all the sources are given in the Roman alphabet (according to the rules of transliteration).
4.11.    summary in Kazakh, Russian and English languages including:
a)    name and last name initials of each author with indication of scientific / academic degree (in full), place of work (name of the company, organization, institution), city and country;
b)    article title;
c)    the text part of the annotation is of 250-300 signs which sets out the essential facts of work. Text of the annotation should be concise and clear free of background information, extra introductory words and common language.
d)    Key words;
5.    Pages in the electronic version do not number, page numbering is only on paper.
6.    Manuscripts do not return to authors.

Sample of article. Download

L.Ya.Tairova, academic degree is written completely in full-length.
Z.K. Smagulova, PhD

Innovative University of Eurasia (Pavlodar)
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Some aspects of study efficiency indicators of human resource management
at the enterprise.


Annotation. The article views theoretical aspects of assessing the effectiveness of human resources, as well as analysis of performance personnel management on materials of JSC "Kazakhstan Aluminium".
Key words. Human resource, management, analysis, effectiveness


In modern conditions, evaluation of the effectiveness of human resource management is a powerful growth lever of performance management process [1].



1.    Shapiro S.A. Human Resource Management. - M.: GrossMedia, 2005. –304 p.
2.    Aluminium of Kazakhstan. - Mode of access: Aluminium of Kazakhstan.
3.    Skorodumov B.I. Information Security of credit and financial automated systems: a tutorial. - M.: MiFi 2002. – 164 p.

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Publication of a scientific article in Kazakh or Russian languages, provided by the author or group of authors from the Republic of Kazakhstan.

5 000 Under condition of participation as part of authors of a Doctor of Science or PhD there is a discount on payment of 25% of the publication cost of the article.
2. Publication of a scientific paper presented by author or a group of authors from foreign countries Is free  
3. Publication of a scientific article in a State or Russian languages by students and undergraduates of the university, institutes, academies and colleges. 1500  
4. Published in English or German one
scientific articles submitted by author or team of authors of the Republic of Kazakhstan
5. Translation of the title, information about authors and abstracts of a scientific article in a State or English languages. 500  
6. Deliver of copyright copy of a scientific journal by mail to nonresident authors

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