Scientific Advances

In the past five years the University has participated in the following research and innovation programs:

  • Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM);
  • European Union «Tempus» «Energy - Towards Central Asia";
  • European Union «Tempus» «Development of training programs for renewable energy projects in universities in Central Asia";
  • developing a scientific basis for the creation of new technologies and advanced materials for various applications;
  • providing regulatory and methodological support the industries of agriculture;
  • development of national standards for the quality of life in the rural populations of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • development of scientific monitoring systems for detecting dangerous diseases in farm animals, birds and fur-bearing animals in the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • program promoting the industrial-innovative development of the Pavlodar region;
  • development and implementation of QMS in higher education;
  • supported the development and monitoring of quality assurance in higher education in Kazakhstan;
  • provided grants for innovative and speculative R&D.

In 2011 InEU received the following honors:

  • accreditation by the JSC "National Innovation Fund" for expertise in organizing and conducting scientific and technical innovative projects;
  • RK accredited as a subject of scientific and (or) scientific and technical activities (MES certificate dated August 22, 2011);
  • included as a consulting organization for the development and examination of comprehensive plan for the production modernization program "Performance 2020". Areas of research: mechanical engineering, power engineering, construction industry, agriculture (the order of the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies on October 27, 2011 № 392).