Scholarship programs

International Association for the Exchange of student internships in engineering IAESTE provides students an opportunity to do an internship in Europe and Australia!
IAESTE program provides professional development in addition to students to improve language skills, plunged language environment.


  • Undergraduate or graduate student
  • Education on the engineering profession
  • Knowledge of foreign languages (English, German, etc.)

Opportunities student during the internship:

  • workplace and the head of the practice, after which you get out of your head;
  • financial support in the form of scholarships that cover the cost of accommodation and meals;
  • accommodation (student dormitory or apartment that is provided IAESTE host country);
  • meeting with other student interns;
  • tours in the host country;
  • good training foreign language;
  • acquisition of new friends from all over the world.

The Chevening Scholarship Program offers talented professionals a unique opportunity to complete a course of study or perform short-term research work in the UK.
The uniqueness of the Chevening scholarship is that the total amount of funding allows you to pay not only tuition at the selected university for 12 months (full-time), but also living in the UK during this period.

You can:

  • earn a master's degree in the UK
  • be able to acquire a unique experience of communication in a multinational environment.
  • be able to complete a course of study (12 months) or perform short-term research work (at least 3 months).

Priority directions:

  • Public administration
  • International relationships
  • Political science
  • Human rights
  • Jurisprudence
  • Economy and trade
  • Climate change, environmental research, energy security, renewable energy
  • Architecture and urban planning
  • Journalism


Mashav is the Agency for the Development of International Cooperation under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the States of Israel. MASHAV was founded in 1958. on the initiative of G. Meir (at that time Minister of Foreign Affairs) as a structural unit of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which has departmental status. According to the ideas of the founders of MASHAV, it was created as a center for the dissemination of technical and humanitarian cooperation programs in the underdeveloped countries of Africa, Asia, Latin America and Oceania.
The task of Mashav is the fight against hunger, disease, poverty in the third world countries. MASHAV strives to promote global economic and social progress through the training of qualified specialists and the transfer of modern technology.

MASHAV has 5 directions:

  1. Courses in Israel. These are international courses, where participants from different countries are taught in classes, in which classes are held in one language that is understandable to all, as well as national courses organized for students from a particular country.
  2. Courses on "places". These courses are conducted at the request of the host country by experts from MASHAV for on-the-job training. They cover the traditional for MASHAV areas of activity in which Israel has achieved success - agriculture, social life organization, education, health, environmental protection, the status of women.
  3. Short-term consultation. MASHAV experts arrive at the request of the host country to quickly conduct specialized consultations, assist in the implementation of programs and research in a specific area.
  4. Long-term consultation. MASHAV experts arrive at the request of the host country to implement pre-prepared plans or an overall assessment of a pilot or long-term project.
  5. Joint research programs. Carried out with the assistance of MASHAV in cooperation with the USA, Canada, Spain, Germany and Holland in a number of developed countries.

MASHAV program in Kazakhstan:
Tel: +7 (7172)688-739 ins.512, 520, 515
Fax: +7 (7172) 688 735
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Address: Astana, Auezov street, 8, Business center "ASIA"

General information
With the help of Sur Place Scholarships Konrad Adenauer supports talented young people at home, thereby providing an opportunity for young people to devote themselves to learning and participating in political and social life.

Who can take part in the competition?
Fellows of the Foundation can be young people - citizens of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, studying in universities of their country (undergraduate - from the second year and magistracy), and not at the time of application 30 years of age, as well as actively participating in the socio-political life of the country.
In competitive selection, priority is given to students of the faculties of public disciplines: political science, economics and finance, international relations, management, law, recent history, journalism, philosophy, religious studies.
The provision of scholarships to the Fund. Konrad Adenauer to students of technical, philological and medical specialties is possible only as an exception.

The scholarship is awarded for a period of 6 months and in case of good achievements the scholarship may be extended for another 6 months.

Competitive selection
The competition takes place in two stages:

  • At the first stage, on the basis of checking the compliance of the competition documents with the formal requirements, a preliminary selection of candidates for the scholarship is held;
  • The second stage of the competition is an interview, according to the results of which the scholarship is awarded.

Where and how can I take part in the competition?
To participate in the competition, you must send by mail a full package of documents at:
Representation of the Fund. Konrad Adenauer
in the Republic of Uzbekistan:
st. Zarbog 38, Tashkent 100031
A full package of documents can also be sent in PDF format by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , with the subsequent provision of original documents.

The interview and the costs associated with the trip to the interview
Interviews will be held in Bishkek and Dushanbe. Costs associated with travel of applicants to the place of interview are not reimbursed..

Package of documents
To participate in the competition, you must provide the following documents in German or English:

  • completed application form for a scholarship with a current photo pasted in. Download: application form
  • a detailed summary in the form of a table with a translation in it. / English. lang
  • letter of justification with a brief statement of the objectives of study and plans for the application of the knowledge gained in future professional activities (max. 2 pp.) On it. lang
  • a copy of the certificate of secondary education with a translation on it./Engl. lang
  • a copy of the gradebook with a translation on it. / English. lang
  • a copy of the diploma of higher education with the application (for graduate students) with translation in German / English. lang
  • recommendations from two university professors on it. or eng. languages with a contact phone number and / or email address, which assesses the participation of the applicant for a scholarship in educational, political or social activities
  • certificate from the place of study (original) with translation on it. / English. lang
  • health certificate with the translation in it. / English. lang

All documents are submitted in one copy..

Copies of education certificates must be certified by the university.

The priority areas of activity of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Kazakhstan are:

  • Politics and media
  • Local government
  • Political education

The program of local grants for students of Kazakhstani universities. Sur-Place has been supporting the young elite of Kazakhstan since 2007, thereby facilitating the process of democratization and building a civil society.. 

Programs from the US Embassy

Open acceptance of applications for the Global UGRAD 2019-2020 program.
Deadline: December 31, 2018 .
To submit to the UGRAD Global program follow this link
The International Student Exchange Program (Global UGRAD) is a program of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Programs of the US Department of State for full-time students of higher educational institutions of Kazakhstan, provided that after completing participation in the Global UGRAD program, students have at least one semester of studies until they receive a higher education diploma . The program is open to students of all Kazakhstani universities and all specialties. All participants are selected on the basis of an open competition.

The Fulbright Master Teacher Education Program brings together teachers from around the world. The finalists of the program will travel to the United States in the spring or autumn of 2019 to a six-week advanced training program at an American university. Participants have the opportunity to observe classes and share their experiences with teachers and students at host universities and secondary schools. The program supports inclusive education and welcomes the participation of teachers with disabilities. This year, two seats are allocated to Kazakhstan under the FEM TEM program.
After returning to Kazakhstan, teachers who have successfully completed the program can apply for a small grants program to receive the necessary materials for training, trainings for teachers, and joint projects between American and Kazakhstan schools aimed at sharing experiences.

This program will allow 28 participants from Kazakhstan, Ukraine, India and Armenia to participate in the 6-week intensive program of a wide range of organizations from Minnesota and Arizona that support inclusive education for children with disabilities.
Real inclusive education implies that all children, including children with disabilities, are educated with their peers who do not have such restrictions in the ordinary classes of their local schools, and actively participate in all aspects of school life.
Winners will receive full financial support, including travel expenses..

To participate in the program, candidates must:

  • be citizens of Kazakhstan, Ukraine, India or Armenia;
  • be between the ages of 25–45 years old (born between January 1, 1972 and January 1, 1992);
  • be able to get an American visa J-1;
  • at the time of filing do not participate in other US programs;
  • have the opportunity to travel to the USA in the period April-May for 6 weeks;
  • confirm readiness to work on the program in the country of residence for at least 2 years after its termination;
  • have excellent spoken and written English;
  • have a desire to cooperate with other members of the program to implement their skills in their country.

Fulbright grants are awarded based on open competition. This contributes to the honest selection of the most deserving candidates and the achievement of the goal of this program, namely the achievement of mutual understanding and mutual benefit by contributing to the communities not only of the host country, but also of the home country..
The US Embassy in Kazakhstan starts accepting documents for the following Fulbright programs:

  • Fulbright Master's Program (2019–2020 academic year)
  • Fulbright Program for Teaching Kazakh (FLTA) (2019-2020 academic year)
  • Hubert Humphrey Scholarship Program (academic year 2019-2020)
  • Fulbright Program for Visiting Scholars

The Community Solutions program is designed for leaders aged 25 to 38 who have created a small organization and bring about positive changes in the life of socially unprotected groups of society, people with disabilities, or create opportunities for young people at risk.

Selection criteria:

  • the age of the candidate must be 25-38 years old;
  • two years’ experience as a full-time employee or volunteer in the field of social assistance;
  • a candidate must live and work in his country (persons with refugee status who work as a representative of their country can also apply for the program);
  • fluent in English.

Programs from the British Council

The Newton Foundation is an initiative of the British government with a budget of 375 million pounds sterling, designed for five years and aimed at developing cooperation between the UK and 15 partner countries: China, India, Brazil, South Africa, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Turkey, Malaysia, Thailand , Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Egypt and Kazakhstan.
The program contributes to long-term economic development and increasing the welfare of the population of partner countries and opens up new opportunities for higher education institutions in the development of partnerships in research and innovation activities.

This is the largest EU program in the field of research and innovation, designed for seven years (2014-2020), with a budget of about 80 billion euros, in addition to private investment, which will be attracted by the program in the future. The program promises the growth of discoveries, achievements and innovations of world importance through the use of scientific ideas in business.

EU initiative aimed at supporting international mobility and advanced training of scientists. The British Council manages the Euraxess UK site, which provides information on current UK research, practical guidelines for mobile researchers and a database of vacancies and grants for international research.

Services for international education from the British Council (The British Council’s International Education Services, abbreviated as IES) is a program to support UK educational institutions in promoting British education throughout the world. The SIEM program has been running since April 2012 and operates in 48 international markets. In Kazakhstan, the program includes student recruitment services, market research, and the establishment of partnerships between British and Kazakh higher education institutions.

Creative Spark is a five-year initiative to support international universities and build international partnerships to develop entrepreneurial skills and creative economies in seven countries, including Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan), the South Caucasus (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia) and Ukraine with the support of United Kingdom.
To support reforms in higher education and assist in solving the problem of employment in these seven countries, we will use the experience of the United Kingdom for the development of education in the field of entrepreneurship. In this way we will support 10,000 students and young entrepreneurs during the first year of the program.

The British Council in Kazakhstan (British Council Kazakhstan), in partnership with Chevron and the Akimat of Atyrau Oblast, invites you to an open group of trainings on social entrepreneurship within the framework of the I-SEED: Innovations - Social Entrepreneurship and Education program.
The I-SEED project aims to support socially active youth in Kazakhstan and create conditions for a sustainable solution to social problems through the promotion of social entrepreneurship.
Socially active youth from Atyrau aged 16 to 29 years old and schoolchildren from 12 to 15 years old who wish to make positive changes in the life of the city can participate in the project.

The British Foxes Academy helps students with disabilities receive vocational education and increase their chances of employment.
Foxes Academy is located on the waterfront of a vibrant tourist town in Somerset and offers people with disabilities a vocational education program in an operating hotel.
The Academy provides an opportunity to gain work experience and relevant qualifications in the field of catering and hotel business. By trying to increase students' chances of finding jobs, the academy helps them become more confident and independent and take responsibility for their decisions.

Independent Educational Institution Oxford Business College offers the following programs:

  • Foundation in the field of business, law and technical sciences;
  • bachelor degree in business (business, marketing, accounting and HR)

Oxford Business College specializes in business management programs and provides an opportunity to get a bachelor's or master's degree, as well as take professional training courses.
The college is located in the center of Oxford, which gives students an excellent opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of this city.

  • The possibility of obtaining scholarships
  • Accelerated programs allow you to get a degree in two years - you can save a year of study
  • Individual approach due to a small number of students in the classroom
  • Assistance to students who did not give up IELTS
  • The provision of housing near the college (on request)

For most students of vocational education institutions, the result of training should be employment. Therefore, it is advisable that schools and colleges include professional internships in training programs. This allows students not only to master practical skills, but also to build professional contacts that may help them find employment in the future.

Salford City College (Salford City College) works extremely successfully in this area with the British charity organization Career Ready.
The college has developed several Career Ready courses that help students prepare for their future careers. As part of the course, students work with a business mentor and undergo a six-week paid internship.
Mentors on a volunteer basis help students in training, incl. with the tasks and preparation of applications for internships, and, if possible, advise them on career building issues. Students also visit their mentor’s workplace.