Foreign Partners

In 20 years of existence the Innovative Eurasian University of much achieved in the field of the international cooperation and is at present widely known outside the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Within contracts on party cooperation regularly communicate, render each other assistance in scientific and methodical ensuring scientific and educational activity, render assistance in PPS professional development, in the publication of scientific works, in an exchange of students, undergraduates and graduate students, give opportunity of scientific training to teachers, employees and students.

Annually in the international programs of training and the professional development, financed by the international funds, about 90 teachers and students of InEU take part. Students, undergraduates, teachers of university are trained also training in Germany, the USA, Great Britain, Turkey, Russia, Hungary, Poland, participating in various international educational programs: funds "Eurasia", "Soros Kazakhstan"; German service of the academic exchanges of DAAD; The International association of student's training on the engineering specialties IAESTE; British Council; Council for the international researches and exchange (IREX), News agency of the USA (USIS), the European Union — TEMPUS.

Development and expansion of the international cooperation of InEU:

  • Is the member of the World Charter of Universities (The Magna Charta Observatory), Bologna, Italy
  • InEU is the member of Institute of the International Education (IIE Network), New York, the USA;
  • InEU is the member of the Network of Institutes and Schools of Public Administration in the Central and Eastern Europe NISPAcee;
  • InEU is the member of the Educational EdNet network;
  • InEU is the member of Central Asian fund of development of management of CAMAN
  • In November, 2004 faculty "Business and management" won a grant on the project on passing of specialized accreditation with award of the certificate of the CAMEQ organization. As a result in March, 2005 faculty "Business and management" successfully took place the international accreditation and received the CAMEQ organization certificate;
  • The scientific research institute of a sustainable development of the region of InEU is the member of Association of appraisers of Kazakhstan and Association of appraisers of CIS countries where Yeliseyev V. M. holds a position of the chairman of Association;
  • The scientific research institute of a sustainable development of the region of InEU is the member of the International committee on standards and estimates, London, Great Britain;
  • Annually the staff of the international department participates to the international exhibition within Days of the international education which is spent in Omsk, Russia.
  • InEU – the only university in Kazakhstan which team became the official member of the world research "Global Monitoring of Business" financed by the American Agency USAID.