For applicants for passing of training according to the List of priority specialties for 2012:

  1. Passing of training: applicants for passing of the training are allowed to participation in competition, being at the time of submission of documents for participation in competition by scientific, pedagogical, technical or medical employees of the organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan with the general length of service not less than 3 (three) years, including not less than 12 (twelve) months as the specified workers (category of applicants for training).
  2. Advantages to this category:
    • decrease in threshold levels of proficiency state and foreign languages;
    • granting possibility of passing of a language course according to requirements of the foreign organizations and the table of duration of a language course of no more than 6 months.
  3. For participation in competition the following documents : request of the employer on preparation of the expert is provided;
    • questionnaire of the applicant;
    • application justification;
    • notarized copies of the identity card and passport;
    • the medical certificate about a state of health in a form 0-82/y for the persons leaving abroad;
    • notarized copies of the bachelor's degree or the expert with the appendix;
    • notarized copies of the documents confirming labor activity;
    • the official reference confirming payment by the applicant of pension assignments (an extract from a pension fund) for the demanded period of labor activity;
    • copies of the documents confirming the unconditional invitation (except for financial conditions and conditions of increase of level of knowledge of a foreign language to demanded) the foreign organization accepting on training with the indication of terms, costs (with interpretation of calculations) training passing with notarized translations into the state or Russian languages;
    • the program of passing of the training, made according to the requirements established by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and approved as directing and accepting on training by the organizations;
    • the copy of the valid official certificate on delivery of a foreign language, in case of existence.
  4. Competition stages for applicants for passing of training:
    • Foreign language (in case of need increases of level of knowledge of a foreign language);
    • State language;
    • Psychological testing;
    • Interview with members of the Independent commission of experts.

The decision on award or on refusal in award of the international grant "Bolashak" is accepted by the Republican commission on training abroad.

  • the tripartite contract according to the demand;
  • work in the organization which has submitted the demand;
  • term of working off of 3 years.

More information is available at: JSC "Center for International Programs", 010000, Astana, st. Orynbor, 18, tel.: 8 (7172) 69-51-53, 69-51-54, 69-15-55. Official site: