Continuing Education

Annually majors of the university are ranked among the top five on quality of education among higher education institutions in the Republic of Kazakhstan. According to the National rating of the majors, which has been carried out by the National Accreditation Center of MES (Ministry of Education and Science) of the Republic of Kazakhstan, majors of InEU were included into top three.

At InEU you can receive an education:

  • Corresponding to State educational standard of the Republic of Kazakhstan with the issue of the state-recognized degree
  • Corresponding to International standards with the issue a diploma of the universities equivalent to those of Russia, Germany and the USA.

In InEU the extra educational services system offers:

  • Business, psychology of staff management training
  • Foreign language courses
  • Information and Communication Technology training
  • Driver training center
  • Special courses and majors adhering to contemporary labor market requirements
  • Qualification upgrading courses
  • Further vocational education courses.

"Corporate University" is the regional educational, scientific and production consortium, organized by the university. The consortium unites educational and scientific institutions with regional business structures realizing the main mission of the university. The mission is competitive specialist training on the basis of a continuous education system, integration into world educational space via corporate affairs development, innovative technologies for the purpose of assistance to sustainable development of the region and the state.