The “Zhas Otan” Youth Wing

To implement the State Youth Policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan the “Zhas Otan" youth wing was established at the Innovative University of Eurasia, which is under “Nur Otan” PDP. “Zhas Otan" is the leading and prominent youth organization in the country, their main purpose is to protect the interests of every young citizen of Kazakhstan.

We stand for:

  • consolidation of youth around the strategic course proposed by the Leader of the Nation. Only united can we achieve the goals to develop Kazakhstan;
  • human capital development, quality education, professional development and a healthy way of life as the basis of success for every young citizen of Kazakhstan;
  • decent work as the foundation of human well-being and development, cultivation of respect for socially useful work amongst young people;
  • strengthening of cross-ethnic and cross-religious harmony, improving the culture of cross-ethnic and cross-religious relationships among young people. Peace and harmony is our greatest asset which we must maintain and grow;
  • Establishing an effective model for social and labor relations, we believe it is necessary to create effective “social elevator” for young citizens which contribute into youth self-actualization;
  • spiritual and moral development of young people. We cannot allow the devaluation of the traditional values in our society. Especially we must preserve the family and respect for the older generation. It is necessary to form respect for the institution of the family as the foundation of society;
  • providing the conditions for youth participation in the development and adoption of policies.

“Igіlіk” is a debate and discussion club in the Kazakh language.

We boldly and openly look to the future; we want to live happily and with dignity. Therefore, we set ambitious targets, and we will work diligently towards these goals - the formation of strong and competitive in Kazakhstan.
On the eve of the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan the presentation of the “Zhas Otan” youth wing under “Nur Otan” PDP took place in Innovative University of Eurasia.

The large audience of students gathered from different courses and specialties, and the reason for that was the trip of the core group of Innovative University of Eurasia to the second Congress of the “Zhas Otan” youth wing. Today it is one of the most popular and influential youth organizations, promoting the development of civil society and successful modernization of our country.

Optimism, a sense of pride in their country, and confidence in the future - these are the components that filled the atmosphere of the event, hosted by the activists of the Innovative University of Eurasia. Gabbas Saltanat is the executive secretary of the “Zhas Otan” youth wing in the Innovative University of Eurasia.

Contact us at: Lomov 45, Room 102. Tel: 67-30-57