Students Alliance

Students Alliance of Innovative University of Eurasia is a social voluntary association created by students coming together to address important issues of students’ life, to develop patriotism, a healthy lifestyle among young people, and direct the energy of youth in a constructive direction.

Our aims are:

  • to promote education of students and to improve the system of higher education;
  • to develop patriotism and civic culture;
  • to represent and protect the rights and interests of students and assist in their implementation.

The Students Alliance of Innovative University of Eurasia operates under the regulations governing students organizations of the Innovative University of Eurasia, and is guided by the legislative orders (the Constitution, Education Act, State Youth Policy Act), regulations and methods governing the activities of youth associations, concepts, orders, and decisions made by the Students Alliance of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Students Alliance also adheres to the internal codes of Innovative University of Eurasia, the agreement between the authorities of the university and the Students Alliance. The Students Alliance is guided by the principles of legality, publicity, free will, transparency, collegiality, equality and eligibility.


Photos from the life of SA InEU

ASK -The Republican student movement "Alliance of Students of Kazakhstan".

Events: "Vitamin on Nicotine" and "Day Baursaks"(Baursak is a traditional Kazakh bread.) conducted with the House of Friendship, an organization celebrating the ethnic diversity of Kazakhstan.

Charity concert " Happiness for Children of the World," and participating in beautification projects.

Left: InEU volunteers and students join an international clean-up "Volunteer KZ” along the bank of the Irtysh River. Organized by NGO "KAZBREND" and agency services “PR-Favorite". Right: Students visiting the correctional boarding school № 1, “Marathon Health”.

Our alma mater! Together we study, work, joke, and laugh. Eyes on Innovative University of Eurasia!

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Contact us at: Lomov 45, Room 102. Tel: 67-30-57