Student Self-Government

Student self-government of the Innovative University of Eurasia consists of young people who not only study, but also actively participate in the social life of the university. Any student who has expressed a desire and who is ready to make every day in the walls of Innovative University of Eurasia more interesting and vivid may be a member of the government.

Our goal is to create conditions conducive for student’s self-actualization in creative and professional fields and to find resolutions for issues in various areas of student life.

Management structure
The organizational meetings of the self-government take place every Monday from 16:30 to 18:00 in the conference hall of the main campus of Innovative University of Eurasia.

The student self-government of Innovative University of Eurasia organizes various activities – both of social and intellectual nature. Our students are the most active and creative, so we are looking forward to great prospects. Join us!

The strategy of the debate club of Innovative University of Eurasia

In the office of the club, which is based in the building of Innovative University of Eurasia, workshops in different formats and regular trainings take place. Here we consider and discuss various topics ranging from political and social to daily routines.
Debates develop critical thinking of students and broaden their horizons. Games are held in the Kazakh and Russian.

The results of our work:
With the Debate Club, InEU hosts the biannually occurring “Irytsh Cup” a national tournament. The Debate Club initiated and hosts the “InEU Rector's Cup” a tournament of national importance. Facilitating debate tournaments of this magnitude increases the prestige of the university significantly.

In addition, the members of the Debate Club of the Innovative University of Eurasia are winners of many competitions at various level. 

Contact us at: Lomov 45, Room 102. Tel: 67-30-57