All over the world universities are associated with scientific development, getting an education, prestigious profession, successful career, stability and high quality of life. The Innovative University of Eurasia has gained the image of precisely this type of educational institution in the course of the years of the activity.

Today the Innovative University of Eurasia has entered the top five accredited higher education institutions of Kazakhstan. The university has passed the state attestation, review from national institutional accreditation of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and international accreditation panels. According to the Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications Concerning Higher Education in the European Region the accredited higher educational institutions, diplomas are recognized in more than 50 countries of the world. InUE is a member of the Great Charter of universities in Europe.

InUE is one of the largest multidisciplinary universities in the Republic of Kazakhstan offering educations in 55 majors including economics, law, technical, natural and scientific and humane areas.

The mode of study is full-time or part-time enrollment. University lessons are given in the Kazakh, Russian and English languages.

To the extent of the Bologna Process the implementation of the credit technology of education became the priority direction for inoculation of the European Norm of quality of education in InUE.

More than 10 thousand students study at the university, including those students who study with the support of government educational scholarships, scholarships from Kazakhstan and foreign businessmen and representatives of local administration in the Pavlodar region. The best students of InUE are awarded a scholarship from the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

At the present time, the Innovative University of Eurasia is an entrepreneurial university where qualities, such as an initiative and aspiration to leadership are developed in the students.

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Symbols of InEU



Flag of the Innovative University of Eurasia

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Наш ИнЕУ в цветах утопая 
новых встречает друзей
Здесь мы секреты наук постигая
Станем на много мудрей
Первых семестров и первых волнений
Нам никогда не забыть
Кафедры праздники и КВНы
В памяти нашей мы будем хранить

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  Нового дня нам приносит дыхание
Время тревог и побед
Ты созидающий храм наших знаний
Ты завтрашних дней свет
Мы понесем этот свет от порога
Пусть освещает нам путь 
Ты пожелай нам удачной дороги
И не забудь, нас не забудь

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  Сотни дорог перед нами открыты
Дальние дали видны
Все мы сегодня твои эрудиты
Дети огромной страны
В будущем будем трудиться достойно
Все что мы создадим
Все что мы лучшее в жизни построим
Все альмаматер тебе посветим

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В наших юных сердцах беспокойных
Свет надежды и новый рассвет
Наш любимый Инновационный 
Евразийский Университет

The seal of InEU in colour

The University Abbreviation(InEU) in Russian

The seal of InEU in black and white

Trademark/seal is a combination that includes both visual and verbal elements, located in the blue circle. The globe belongs to visual elements, symbolizing the whole universal space, where the trademark owner intends to operate, providing its educational, scientific and technical services. . In the upper part of the globe stylized flying seagull is depicted, symbolizing the hover and indirectly indicates that the university is located in the city of Pavlodar, and at the bottom - a book – the symbol of knowledge. The word “ИнЕУ” that is placed in the center line of the globe is the new formation and represents the abbreviation composed on the basis of the expression «Инновационный Евразийский Университет» (The Innovative University of Eurasia), with letter contractions Ин standing for «Инновационный», Е for «Евразийский», У for «Университет». Italic letters are made in standard font design. Each letter of the phrase "ИнЕУ" is additionally contoured. Under the globe composite national Kazakh ornament is drawn, which includes the elements of "Aisha-bibi" and "Koshkar-muіz." The ornament is made in yellow colors. On the border of the circle from left to right in yellow color the inscription "Innovative University of Eurasia" is made, which has no independent legal protection. The elements of a trademark: globe, a book, a seagull and the word "ИнЕУ" are made in white, with each letter in the word "ИнЕУ" additionally encircled with a yellow line, and the gull has a blue border.

Our main goal is to train competent professionals, scientific and administrative personnel, competitive at labor market, in accordance with existing and future requirements of the individual, society, state and the needs of the university.

For this purpose we aim to:
1. Studyand predict consumers' expectations and demands of educational services in regard to the quality of education on regular basis.
2.Improve educational process as well as the processes of management activities, providing with resources and measurements/
3. Improve the quality of educational services by means of:
- organizing system of higher education at bachelor-master-doctorate levels;
- integration of educational process with science and industry;
- implementing advanced information technology into education;
- improvement of educational, methodical and logistical support of the educational process;
- improving knowledge of foreign languages, information technology, law, economics training;
- organization of training and retraining system on the regular base;
- development of remote access to information resources and individual training programs for each studennt.
4.Treat our suppliers as partners.
5. Provide quality assurance of educational services.
6. Strictly comply with the requirements of the quality management system by all managers and staff.
7. Create necessary conditions for productive and creative work.
8. Promote research, innovation and information support to business and social systems of the region, its executive and legislative branches.
9. Develop a system of intelligent software and information tools to support processes in key areas of the university.
10. Responsibility for the quality of education and improvement of staff working methods is due to each staff member of the university.
Governance of Innovative University of Eurasia undertakes and is responsible for creating conditions necessary to achieve the objectives of the University, provides awareness, promotion and implementation of the policy at all levels of the organization.

: Symbols of InEU